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Golden Hills City Build Sim Game story

Welcome dear, Mayor! I'm your assistant, Mary, and today I'll show you our wonderful town! As you can see the town needs work. I'm sure that together we'll build an awesome town! We'll start with harvesting timber. Click on the logger's hut to start production. Drag the material onto the building. You are doing great. We are getting more and more wood with every moment. So fast that there's no space to store it. Let's restore the warehouse. Click on the Warehouse to complete the construction! To restore the warehouse, ckick on it, and then on the Build button. Then we;ll have more space to store resources. Wonderful! You're doing great.

Golden Hills City Build Sim Hack Basics trucos

Let's go back to the logger's hut and collect income. Having found out you came here, many decided to move to Golden Valley looking for job. We need to buy one more house in the store so that they have a place to live. The more houses we build, the more workers there are in the town! Food is one of the main resources for energy which is used to the production of the materials. You can always grow it in fields and farms! Here you will find the available tasks. Click on the icon to find out what to do next. If we want our workers to work well in industries, we need to provide them with enough food for energy. Plant the potatoes and collect food. Drag the material onto the building.

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A small stall with hot dogs will be first step towards the further development of the town. Visit our store and buy a Hot Dog stand. The town is flourishing in front of us! Keep on developing the town and it will become the most prosperous in the area! I almost forgot! You haven't been to the City Hall yet...A strategically important place Boss, it turns out we first need to redeem the territory with City Hall. I think this won't be problem for us. Complete the opening of the territory with the City Hall.Supply of wood - It is worthwhile to improve production to quickly execute this order and produce large amounts in future. Start upgrading the Logger's hut to level 2.

Golden Hills City Build Sim Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. This town needs a small cafe. It both brings good profit and is a place where you can discuss all our problems. Start building a cafe.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Golden Hills City Build Sim cheat code - give: stars, food, energy, resources, citizens, wood, speed up, stone, steel, gold coins, cash, royal menu, off ads, clear area, frame, banner
3. Portable snack - The locals really liked hot dogs. You can improve the assortment of food, which will significantly increase the profit from sales.
4. The neighboring territory with the Old Poultry Farm looks like a wonderful investment, which should pay off fairy quickly. Start discovering territory with an old poultry farm.
5. Fascinating journeys across the many cities of the Golden Valley will become available after reaching level 8.
6. Friend list - Here you can find other mayors and send them an invitation to be friends. There are so many mayors in the area, let's send a request to this first mayor! Don't worry, we won't submit that reqest. Let's see if someone has already sent you one. You can also change your avatar. More of them will be available after completing quests!

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