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Gospel Of Satan use cheats
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Game story

Mana, the witch. No name is more dreaded, more feared. Everywhere she leads her demon armies, only death and ashes are left in their wake. All of the land is stained in blood. All consuming flames, that will never be quenched, burn across the land. The church of Elsarce has united the country to destroy this evil. After countless sacrifices, the warriors finally stand before her. After summoning satan, Mana's power grew even more unstoppable. In the face of Mana's terrible power, mortal bodies are like insects. However, there is still not retreat. Stepping over the bodies of thousands, the warriors keep pressing their attack, resolutely and without fear. Even after such brutal fighting, Mana's power shows no sign of weakening.

Gospel Of Satan Hack Basics

Hero's health - when one of the character's health point is down to 0 will be defeated. Mana crystal - at the beginning of each hero's turn, crystal will fill up again. Summon - the left top number of card is the cost of this card, you can spend mana crystal to summon the creature. Pass turn - when you finish all the things this turn, press "turn end" will called all of your creature move forward or combat. Check the information - press and hold creature on the battlefield can check the detail of this unit. Spell card all have the special power. Each turn you can spend the crystal to use the hero skill. Combat - when the player end off the turn, creature will attack the creature in front of it, but the both of creature will all take the damage equal to their attack.

Hint & Tips

1. All the legals battle, both hero's mana crystals limit will growing from 1 each turn, max to 6. You can also save the crystal max to 8.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: legendary card, restore health, premium deck, gems, artifact, off ad, exclusive skin, equipment
3. Out side the number, you can also check the current mana at the mana slot. The light blue part is the current crystal, and the shinny port is the total crystal on next turn.

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