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Grand War Strategy use cheats
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Game story

The battlefields have been taken by us one by one! This is the only left that's occupied the emperor's army. Citizens will respond to your calling and fight along your side. Deploy a unit to move towards position of target and attack or occupy the neutral town. There are three types of resource buildings in this game: iron mine, bank, wood mill. Resource buildings cna produce currency, wood and irons after occupied. A town can produce all three types of resources.

Grand War Strategy Hack Basics

By consuming resources, we can produce different units in barracks, stable, foundry, and shipyard. Towns can produce resources and units except for the navy. Militia - these troops are of short range and performs poorly in battles. They are more suitable for daily security works and baiting enemies. Calvary - chasseurs are light calvary with more advantages in speed and engagement with Lancers, yet they're not very efficient when facing heavy cavalries. Light infantry - these infantries are lightly equipped and can take advantage of all types of terrains. How ever, their firepower is not enough to stop war horses.

Hint & Tips

1. Being ambushed by the enemy might cause large damage to our soldiers, units can't attack or fight back after that. And town is hostile and fortified, the Endurance of the city wall recovers in each turn. Only by lowering Endurance to zero can we occupy the town.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: premium troops' legendary generals, tech, free shop, vip status, gold, resources, medals, shield
3. You can meet all kinds of events in stages, they might be reinforcement or raise in morale. But these events do not necessarily benefit you. You can get some knowledge about the triggering position of some events in "event" on the left.

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