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Punishing Gray Raven Game story

Babylonia was the first warp speed interstelr spacecraft designed for colonizations of other worlds. The pinnacle of human achievement, the Babylonia Project ushered in [...] on earth. The Punishing virus abruptly halted construction, however, and saw an influror sarvs hoping for a new life among the stars. Semi-permanently docked on an orbiting space station, Babylonia now forms a Taunchingor humans planning to retake earth and a key communicathas hub, maintaining contact with surface reconnaissance.

The passage is now open, Commandant! Let us move forward, Commandant. Hit the enemy repeatedly with Basic Attacks to receive a [Signal Orb]. Tap to ping us with a [Signal Orb] to use a Construct-specific Skill. Tap 3 adjacent [Orbs] of the same color to [3-Ping] for a powerful blow. If you [Dodge] before being hit, you will enter the [Matrix] state. In [Matrix] state, a Single Orb has the same effect as a [3-Ping]. Let us advance towards the target, Commandant. Pinging a [Red Orb] after any [3-Ping] will trigger [Lotus Dual Blade]. Ler's find the others. They should be where that blast came from.

Punishing Gray Raven Hack Basics trucos

We can proceed with the next phase of the operation after that. Lucia steadily paves a path, coldly surveying for ambushes and cutting apart any approaching Corrupted. Maintaining close contact with your commandant can help stabilize M.L.N.D. integrity. After a short rest, you and Lucia reach your destination-a small area hidden by the ruins. When we're done exterminating the Corrupted from the designated areas, the Engineering Force will arrive and rebuild the city into a frontier for Humanity on Earth.
When we're done exterminating the Corrupted from the designated areas, the Engineering Force will arrive and rebuild the city into a frontier for Humanity on Earth. But our conditions are dire, we must first regroup with other supply squads to resupply. And after a map update, I've found that the church nearby has a shortcut to the nearest meeting point. Let's head over there.

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Gray Raven are an elite Task Force, led by team leader Lucia. Gray Raven has fought countless engagements and are one of the most experienced teams. Each member is a specialist in his or her own field. The origins of Gray Raven are a well-kept secret and the subject of constant speculation. Pinging a [Red Orb] after any [3-Ping] will trigger [Lotus Dual Blade]. In [Lotus Dual Blade] state, Basic Attacks will become enhanced. Hit enemies to generate Energy. Use Energy for [Signature Moves].
Categories of Corrupted include but are not limited to Electronic Equipment, Mechanoids and Constructs... Each type displays distinctive forms of mutation, growth and destructive behaviors, however, their ultimate objective is the same: the efficient elimination of al human consciousnes. As their own Punishing Virus load increases, so too does their appetite and capacity for destruction.

Punishing Gray Raven Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Scavenging parts from Constructs to augment their own bodies. The more primitive the Corrupted, the more they desire power.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Punishing Gray Raven cheat code - give: items, unlimited energy, S rank construct, shards, weapon, memory, materials, black card, skin supply pack, rainbow cards
3. The Punishing Virus first emerged inside the vacuum chamber of an A-series zero-point energy reactor operating at utrahigh density. As technicians attempted to isolate and refine the viral particles, there was a leak. The subsequent explosion expelled the virus into the atmosphere and spread it across the world. The Punishing Virus directly attacks an organism's cells or hijacks the logic circuits of Mechanoids, corrupting them, and causing them to manifest extreme hostility towards any individual displaying human consciousness or behavior.
4. Commandant let me remind you that each operation is accompanied by a variety of missions.
5. After completing the mission, you will receive a large number of supplies. Please make sure that you collect them in time. So we can put in the more advanced equipment earlier, which is better for future operations.

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