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weekly box - yaKhzTGub
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coin - cfKdcWDPC

Grid Expedition use cheats
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Game story

Three hundred years ago there was a great battle between grid and Alcatraz, when Alcatraz was about to be defeated by the warriors, the evil lord has cast his magic into the endless sea, and now Alcatraz has reappeared. He also attacked the land of Grid, and in the heat of battle, in order to limit the damage, king Greider sent a team of four brave men into Alcatraz to defeat the evil lord. The team arrives at Demon island on their boat. They first need to find the location of the teleport goddess statue and demon king. They encounter a patrol and decide to get some information about demon island from this patrol.

Grid Expedition Hack Basics

The game adopts the more mode of war chess. Click the position adjacent to the role to make the role move. When a character clicks on a monster, it will attack the monster. There are a variety of obstacles in the game, click the indicating position to trigget the flamethrower. When a character moves toward a spike, if the spike points at the unit, the hero takes damage. Blood bottle is the main way to restore health in the game. Click the indicated position to drink the blood. Weapons are the main items in the game to fight, click position to equip an ordinary sword. With the hero is equipped with a weapon to attack the enemy, it will cause damage equivalent to.

Hint & Tips

1. Defeat the monster has a chance to fall to the next floor of the stairs, when the completion of the level. In the game, you can upgrade your character with the gold obtained in the game.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: exclusive characters, legendary weapon, artifact, epic items, buffs, diamonds, gem, loot pack, coin
3. Upgrading skills cna be divided into general skills and role skills.
4. Click on the level on the map to select the level you want to challenge.

Grid Expedition Hack tools Version:


Grid Expedition Redeem code - premium gift box

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