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Grow Kingdom Heroes & Monsters hack cheat code List

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Grow Kingdom Heroes & Monsters use cheats
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Game story

My lord, our enemies are countless and trying to take our lands. As the king, you must defend our people against enemies by improving the wall, castle, our troops and having many heroes in our ranks. Enemies are attacking! We must fight them back. Summon troops to strengthen our defence my lord. You need to have 10 courage points for each summoning. Courage points regenerate with time, or you can collect points from fallen enemies.

Grow Kingdom Heroes & Monsters Hack Basics

You can increase battle speed. You have a talent point available. Open talent tree and choose a talent. Visit here whenever you have talent points to upgrade many other talents to strengthen your kingdom. When you upgrade troops enough, they will be more professional and their numbers will increase. Heroes are special units and have their own special skills. First, we need to unlock a hero, then we can upgrade. Because they are special units, they require gem for unlocking and upgrading.

Hint & Tips

1. Heroes can equip several armors and weapons and become stronger. Armors and weapons drop from chests which can be gained from battles. Rare items are better than common ones, epic items are better than rare ones and legendary items are better than epic one.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: speed up, gold, gem, health, mana, resources, legendary heroes, talent points, unlimited courage, off ad, chest package, goblin, flame unicorn, death knight, premium equipment
3. There are several production buildings that produce income with time. They work even when you are not in game. Remember that production can be done for up to 30 minutes because of building capacities. So you may want to visit time to time to collect your income.
4. Castle - here you cna have different buffs which affect your all defences.
5. There are also daily deals which rewards you with gold, gems and chests contain many various items for your heroes. Once you get your reward, you can get that reward again after some time. There are also rewards that you can have by watching videos. You will see a red dot on the button whenever there is any deal available. And you cna swipe screen to move around.

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