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Game story

Let's look at the basic rules. In this game, you can maximize a hero's efficiency through optimal positioning, while strengthening the units through combinations. To place guardians, you will need to spend Lanic. You'll start off the game with a small amount of Lanic, and you can earn more by killing monsters. You can view the order of soldiers that cna be placed in queue. Spending Lanic to summon a guardian will palce the first hero fro the queue. The summoning cost is displayed below the first unit as well.

Guardian Chronicle Hack Basics

You defeated all the monsters. But since the enemies grow stronger over time, your soldiers must be strengthened as well. Let's combining heroes to make them stronger. If you have two of the same guardians with equal star level, you can combine them to summon a guardian with an increased level. The combined unit will always be the first hero in queue. However, combining does not spend any Lanic.

Hint & Tips

1. You can view your deck info and your rank in the competitive mode preparation. It would be awful to engage in battle with the wrong deck. so double check your current deck before tapping the start battle button.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: rank up, points, medals, rubies, draw x10, soul powder, soul stone, battle pass
3. In competitive mode, you win by surviving longer than your opponent. You will lose HP when a monster enters your camp, and lose the game if your health points falls to 0.
4. Use spirit essence to level up soldiers in your collection. Ascending your heroes will increase their max level.
5. Scouting screen - where you can obtain random guardians. You can scout for various heroes by spending rubies. Scouting costs 100 rubies for each attempt. While you can get legendary hero through scouting, you can also obtain soul powders. This powder is very special once you collect 100 legendary soul powders, it becomes a soul stone that cna be used to upgrade legendary units.
6. There are may be times when you don't have enough cards to upgrade a guardian. That's when you can use soul stones to fill in the missing amount. However, you can only use the stones on legendary soldiers you already own.

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