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Game story

The heroes were defeated, and the sealing stone started to lose its power. A great span of years have passed. My servant, i grant you my power! You must check the hero-s speed and type to win battles. A hero's type affects damage. When attacking with a dominant type, the hero will deal more damage. A unit's speed determines the first attack. The hero with the highest speed attack first. The next character to attack is displayed on the lower left. You've got a summon ticket. Summon ticket can be used at the summoning circle. You can summon companions to join your adventure.

Guardians of Gemstones Hack Basics

You can use skills to attack enemies. Press the button to use the skills. You can eliminate the enemy's benefit effects by using remove buff. Use this skill to remove the shield. Bind the enemy to bind them. Use this skill to neutralize your opponent. Protect low HP allies with invincibility. You can bring your characters back to life by using revive. Use this skill to resurrect all of your allies. Charge is a powerful skill but can be cancelled by using bind. Purify can remove all status effects. Use this skill to purify your allies. Gold and EXP stones (depending on guardian level) are needed to increase guardian level.

Hint & Tips

1. Miners in ruins work for only 8 hours. Don't forget to check them and claim rewards every 8 hours.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: premium summon tickets x10, legendary hero, keys, gold, awaken, diamonds, season pass (gold), hero shard, banshee, ophelia, mileage, arena ticket, legend artifact box, evolve
3. Awakening increases hero's maximum level. When heroes reach level 10, you can evolve them. After evolution, stats increase greatly and the hero's max level increases.
4. Kill tokens can be obtained by the count of enemies you defeat in arena battle.
5. During the event period, rewards will be given if the target point is reached using the following methods.
6. Daily hero shard - chance to purchase hero shards with gold! Hero shards that match heroes you own will appear randomly.

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