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Guild Story Game story

Welcome to the Warrior's Guild. You can now build a nd recruit into a great guild. First, please select the guild's [Office] at the top to build a level 1 office. This is an office where you can run a guild. You can construct other guild buildings when expanding. You can receive quests when entering. [Office] allows you to build other buildings in the guild. Now let's continue your adventure by pressing the [Explore] button. This is a cafe where you can find guild members. Various researches are possible when expanding. When entering, you can hire heroes and open warehouses. This is a market where you can buy items. When you expand, the number of purchaseable items increases by (level x 1.5).

Guild Story Hack Basics trucos

The warriors gained a guild on anasts. Clear the stage The guild's fitness is more than Compensation. [Max Level] for guild members and items is 99. I offer my aid to help you build a great guild. [Cafe] is a must in a guild! Select [Pub] to build it. Now let's go inside the [Cafe] and meet some new guild members. Since it's our first recruitment, everyone will join for free. Stone cleanup warehouse, Collect treasures now! Now let's put our new guild members on the roll.Now let's [Explore] with the new guild members? Please select the third stage. How did you like the adventure with your guild members? Did you have fun? I wish you the best in building a strong guild, and my daughter will assist you along the way.

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Now let's build an [Office] to expand the guild facilities. Select [Office] and build it to level 2. Now there are additional structures you can add to your guild. Let's build a [Cabin] now. You can receive mails with it! Village - This is the dormitory where the guild members live. The castle's stamina increases by (level x 2000) when enlarged. You can use the mailbox when entering. Check your mailbox for a gift. Now you can chat with the [Speech Bubble] button on the upper right corner. Now go complete the next stage of [Explore] and then we'll talk again.Plaza where you can record your ranking. When expanding your guild action points will increase by (level x 20). When you enter, you can complete with other users fro ranking. Win this against other guilds. The current score is 0. Take a big damage to a strong boss. The current maximum damage is 0

Guild Story Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Let's recruit the best Archer for our guild! Archers can deal long-ranged attacks with a bow. Archer [Wolf] - It's a hundred-white-white hero using a bow. Knight [mercenary] - It's a defensive hero that blocks the enemy with high defense and physical strength.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Guild Story cheat code - give: research, members, hire, stamina, action points, evolution, rune, item, 5 stars hero, battle pass, starter pack, gold coins, gems, workers, speed up, materials, premium equipment
3. Warrior, congratulations on your new guild members. Now let's go [Level up] the guild members. [Level up] strengthens the guild members.
4. Press the [Guild member] button to select the member to [Level up]. Power up your members to grow your guild stronger. Aren't you curious how the other guilds are doing? You can complete against the other guilds at the [Square].
5. Would you like to participate in a [guild battle] against other guild members? You will be rewarded according to your ranks by participating in the [guild battle].

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