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chocolate - use hack u1rgfyLSF
likes increased x2000 - enter pass wAMqjFvef
auto tap - WRSarkbXj
star points - lNjj4ZXyO
booster pack - zt3ebKodo
star ticket - Z6AtqDcJ2
Month Card x1 - 1d4n6ElkX
upgrade - K2P4BQO3i
daily gift bag x10 - HIrKcB6ZK
secret combination code - SDDecreWO
you can enter the star lounge - 3brzVt702
premium - LWS6cGa0R
weekly box - agOqRnUsb
remove all in-game ads - AVoHCh1mM
Continuous Tap - LVesrqPa6
vip guitar - UE0nLDjnS
exclusive outfit - UA6pH1MWT
Jingle Bell Pack - oxkFRNPsD
fans - UWK6RTd8E
pets - TgnxpmJqe
candy - pe7HAthDb

Guitar Girl Relaxing MusicGame use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

I wish i can make people happy with my music. If i really try. Will my wish come true? I'll let you know what to do from here. Tap the screen to collect likes. You can check the bottom left for likes collected. Let's collect a little faster. Tap the menu at the bottom right. You can collect likes faster by leveling up Guitar girl. This time, let's gather some followers. You can meet and level new followers in the follower tab. You can get likes per second automatically from followers. They can get a bonus every 25 levels.

Guitar Girl Relaxing MusicGame Hack Basics

When there are followers, fans increase after a fixed duration. You can get more fans by receiving bonuses and /or wearing a new outfit. Medals are proof of Guitar girl's popularity. These are a total of 6. Having more fans give you better medals. With this, you can see how famous become! Since we've gathered some fans, what about we play various different songs for them? Tap the song tab below. You can increase all likes x2 by getting new songs and for leveling them up.

Hint & Tips

1. Sometimes followers give encore gifts after one whole song is played. They give more gifts when more songs are played and for higher level songs.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: chocolate, likes increased x2000, auto tap, star points, star ticket, you can enter the star lounge, premium, remove all in-game ads, outfit, vip guitar, Jingle Bell Pack, Continuous Tap
3. Daily mission - check the status of achievements and daily missions here. You can get many rewards that'll help you thrive.
4. After unlocking all star tiers, you are qualified to enter the star lounge. Collect star points to acquire lounge exclusive rewards. Activate the ticket to have access to all rewards: star pass's golden light effect is applied, star points acquired is increased x2, acquired star points +10% buff, you can enter the star lounge.

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Guitar Girl Relaxing MusicGame Redeem gift code

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