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Game story

Take a look around and you'll see, these shops are closing up one by one. A big mall opened in town not long ago, and many of our customers were drawn away quickly. Remember the shop next door, owned by Mr. Yoshita? ANd the other one by Mr. Suzuki? All of them were gone. Though our Tofu shop is still running, but god knows when it will come to an end. Maybe it's very soon. We cannot end like this! Alright, i should pick up the spirit! Like you said, we should do something for our very own mall together.

Hako My Mall Hack Basics trucos

Now that the decision is made, we should start doing something for this closed up mall. The mall is dying. All that's left are the closed shops lying around. Let's replace these closed shops with new opened ones! Of course we need a Ramen shop in the mall. Ok then, here comes the important part. Keep leveling up the shops to increase their income. You will get a lot of profit out of them.

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If a shop reaches certain level, its outlook will change! It will become more gorgeous and attractive. You can zoom in or out in this view. There are still a lot of things you can do here. Character menu - here shows your reputation throughout the whole country. However, you are starting a great enterprise that is definitely going to leave its name in history. To celebrate the rebuilding of the mall, i give you these: shops, cityscape of Kanto area.

Hako My Mall Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. The cityscape menu: you can change the floor pieces, plant trees and place various objects on the map. If we have roads on the map, it'll look more like a mall. Continuously place the same material onto the map until you press X button. It would come in handy if you want to place the same stuff repeatedly. You can aslo do this when building shops.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Hako My Mall cheat code - give: gold, off ads, materials, specials, premium shop, decorations, silver coins, unlock buildings, mall area, missions
3. Town mission as the name suggests, is the place to show all requests from the townsfolk. Try your best to fulfill them, and loads of rewards will come. Some of these requests maybe hard to accomplish, but let's complete them all nonetheless.

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