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Halfwit Heroes Game story

Hiya boss! I'm cheat-on, your faithful new assistant. This is it! If we pass this test, you'll finally become a god! We just need one of these little guys to reach the goal. Can we do it? Yes we can! Tap to send your followers. You did it! I always know you would. The ceremony is almost complete! Allow me to perform the final step. Arise and come forth, newest God of Olympus. Tap to summon your temple. Wow! Just look at this place! Our very own realm. Not much to look at now, but just wait till we're through.

Halfwit Heroes Hack Basics trucos

This is your temple. It attracts followers to your realm. When you upgrade your temple, your real will grow. Let's upgrade it now. Let's put our followers to the test int he first trial of the Gods. Here all new gods are tested. You must get followers to the goal. Not all of them will make it, but that's okay. They'll be reborn between each trial. Sometimes timing matters.

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Try just right to save a few more followers. Time your tap to avoid the hazard. No way! How are they supposed to make it? I can't watch! It's no use! they're just too slow. We need help from a higher power. Oh, Hermes, fastest of the gods! Please send us aid! Wow, your first godly power! Cast this on your followers to give them God speed. Drag to cast god speed on your followers.

Halfwit Heroes Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. To pass trial, you'll need at least three followers to reach the goal. This top bar shows how many followers must survive to earn each of the three stars.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Halfwit Heroes cheat code - give: god speed, faith, shield bearer, devotion, speed up, gold coins, gems, premium followers, stars, off ads
3. I don't like the look of those boulders. If we can just reach that red button, maybe we can shut them off. Your units are defenseless! They'd need godly armor to survive this! The shield bearer is strong, but if he takes enough damage he can still be killed.
4. Each miracle requires one or the other, and you can see the cost of each. We have enough of both to equip the shield bearer and god speed.

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