Cheats hack Hamster Hero code:equipment, artifact, eliminate boss, game speed x10, keys, skill book, gems, warrior set Hamster Hero Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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treasure chest - use JLXFPvdR3
off ads - a8Q90wKW4
secret combination - byJNQt3bA
legedary weapon - uMqWbMZVt
double rewards - LzIPepgK2
equipment - ywXxm4VvV
off ad - yC1bwmmEU
artifact - oTZrHJKqL
gold - uk0BJQUrk
admin panel - vfChVkOnm
gems - DWnCLr4ys
eliminate boss - use e12oOAzWW
game speed x10 - aPX1tfD5z
keys - 5WpF1zD2X
skill book - amcvbCSAW
warrior/archer/mage set - amcvbCSAW

Hamster Hero use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

The tower of magic association is currently researching a new kind of Sunflower which could produce large quantities of seeds. It's predicted of this research os successful the food shortage will be over. Breaking news about the failure of the sunflower research. A new kind of plant did flower, but instead of seeds it produced a blackhole connecting to the demonic world. The mage in charge of the research is currently on the run. The tower of magic was shut down due to the sudden increase of monsters. They are now looking for a strong hero to slay the monsters before it's too late. if you want to apply to help rid the tower of magic of monsters you'll need to join the adventurer's union.

Hamster Hero Hack Basics trucos

It seems you don't have any basic equipment, go to the blacksmith first. You'll be able to get some free equipment provided by the union. Not the best, but definitely better than nothing. You'll need to learn a skill, so you should go to the magic shop. Now you look like a mercenary. get going to face the monsters. This place feels so mystical maybe because it was created by mages. You can automatically move and fight, but you can also move on my own when you need to.

enter cheat (Hamster Hero gift codes):
upgrade trucos - ErMhJjADWTP93hGaGM
level up - iztQxO3fn
daily pack - enter pass JEMXktqHZ
admin account - aTWYsLRxe
Month Card x1 - aTc3kOav2
booster pack - 8RwCnp49I
evolve - 4odjgQQR8
enhance - S1raSVG3D
You can increase your honor level by using honor points earned from recalling within the tower. You can get more training of your honor level becomes higher. use the gold and the honor points to get some training right away. You get stronger with better equipment and skills so save up more gold, and invest in them. You can obtain honor points every time i defeat a boss.

Hamster Hero Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Take the hamster and train it to become the strongest Hero in the universe. Free the village of the Monsters threatening to destroy it.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: off ad, treasure chest, gold, legedary weapon, equipment, artifact, eliminate boss, game speed x10, keys, skill book, gems, warrior set, archer set, mage set
3. This IDLE RPG is adorable, addictive and easy for any skill level. Control it! Leave it IDLE! Do as you wish, as you train your Hamster Hero!

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