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Hamster's Cake Factory hack cheat code List

Nut - use hack vQ7dJDqUF
gem - enter pass lDi2qyCMP
increase machine profit amount - ij9VOw8JV
cards - IMfYVyxmt
off ad - CMJsqr8uA
chests - dgzoXH6y6
Month Card x1 - ZjJZrpznU
upgrade - DdqllyfGW
daily gift bag x10 - Z92OkXC3G
secret combination code - n4ePKE2Xu
premium manager - fzszpZOv6
booster box - 7yRSKFN6b
game speed x10 - eL6eNK64c
cash - HzUP9Pd31
weekly deal - DB6TITyae

Hamster's Cake Factory use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Hello, i heart you are the new owner of the old factory. I'll help you with the old factory reconstruction. You won't get much money through selling dough alone. Let's fix the oven. Complete the order and get the reward. You are ready to take over the next factory. This time it's a cheese cake factory. Let's install a kneader for the cheese cake.

Hamster's Cake Factory Hack Basics

It seems like the kneader manager is having a hard time operating it. Upgrade the manager's skill to help. Operating the machine isn't as easy as it looks. Obtain cards from the chest and help workers who are having a hard time.

Hint & Tips

Use cheat code, and give: Nut, gem, increase machine profit amount, cards, chests, premium manager, game speed x10, cash, booster pack, off ads

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Hamster's Cake Factory Redeem gift code

1. KWQhvY83jl9GmS4
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