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HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Welcome to online game. After choosing the name of your character, you will appear on the global map. The map is divided into squares - locations. There are combat locations (indicated by the sword icon) and peaceful locations (the castle icon). To move, click on an area on the map, and the character will start moving to the specified point. To enter the location, you need to wait for the character to move to the indicated square and click on it again. There is a shop for beginners in the castle. There you can buy your first equipment. To do this, click on the lock, wait for the character to reach it and then press on the lock again. Then click on the shop button.

Hariotica Hack Basics trucos

For the battle, go to the combat location, and click battle. The further the combat location is from the castle, the stronger are the rivals. Start with the simplest location in front of the castle (castle glade). For PvP battles, enter the arena in the castle. To become stronger, improve the level and characteristics, buy or steal new things, improve your abilities. How to fight: in each 30 second round, the opponent choose the zones that they will attack and block. On the left side of the screen, select your block area. On the right side of the screen (behind the enemy), select the zone where you will attack hi, After making your selection, click the end turn button. The winner is the one who quickly takes down all the enemy's HP.

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If the enemy hits you in the blocked area, the damage will be completely blocked. If the enemy has not blocked your attack area, you will inflict damage on them. Magic damage and damage from abilities cannot be blocked. Each ability consumes MP. No more than 2 abilities can be used in one round. Abilities will work in the next round. To buy items, click on it, then click on the buy button. If you successfully buy, the item will appear in the inventory. You can sell the item at any time from the inventory. To do this, go to the inventory, click on the thing and click on the sell button. The icon near the price shows for which currency the item will be bought or sold.

Hariotica Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Before you buy, pay attention to the requirements. To equip weapons and armor, you need to have the appropriate level and a sufficient number of characteristics. The missing features will be highlighted in red. Features can be added in the character's window. You can go there by clicking on the avatar in the upper left corner of the screen.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: weapons, armor, increase stats, gold, restore HP, restore MP, crystals, rich gems pack, disable ads, premium, epic chests, keys
3. Gold can be gained for killing monsters, completing daily quests, opening chests and completing other tasks. Gems can be gained for completing daily quests, earning achievements, opening chests or purchasing from a magic shop.
4. You can equip an item in two ways: drag the item to the desired slot, which will be highlighted when you start moving, or by double clicking. There are two slots for weapons. Two handed weapons (axes, bows, staffs) occupy both slots. You can put on two one handed weapons (swords, daggers), but you need to look for both the left and right hands. Hammers and shields are only for one hand. Two one handed weapons will give an additional attack area in combat, a shield will give an additional block area in combat.

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