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Harvest Town Sim Farm use cheats
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Game story

You can use shovels to clear ruins and recycle items. Now go clear the deserted house. Shovel can be used to remove the items put on the ground. Long press the "tool" button to use the shovel. Give Steve the materials you gained from clearing the ruins so he can build you a new house. The crops you planted have ripened. You need to gather them asap, or the crows and sparrows will ruin them. Long press the "act" button beside ripe crops to harvest them. You can switch the items ready for use in the shortcut bar. You have to depend on yourself from now on. I'll show you how to earn the coins you need for daily life.

Harvest Town Sim Farm Hack Basics

The stall - you can put the items you don't need here for sale. The Stall sells things very fast. You can literally sell everything here, and it's very convenient to collect coins at anytime. It's always the landlord who manages the logistics hub. By completing order you can earn lots of money and rewards. You can use phone to check the orders remotely. All your tools are stored in the chest at the exit of the manor. Since you decide to stay, live your life, and don't fail us.

Hint & Tips

1. Decoration buildings can both bring extra effects and increase a lot of prosperity.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: coins, materials, speed up, chest, level up, skins, premium harley, trex, free lucky wheel, forge, diamonds
3. You'll get silver, golden and purple star quality items after skill got improved.
4. Search carefully, you may find surprised at your friends' manors.

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