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Game story

You can move the characters around by dragging them. You can use hero active skill by pressing and dragging them during the battle. Use her active skill (drag) - you can specify the range and direction of the skill by dragging them. Drag the skill to attack the monster. You can use master social skill by pressing and dragging them as you would for hero active skill. You can earn social points when you use hero active skill. Social points are used when you use master social skills. Available master social skill is activated upon collecting enough social skills.

Heaven Saga Hack Basics

Master auto skill is automatically activated whenever ready without manual operation. Auto skill cool down is displayed below the master portrait. You can drag your character to avoid the attack from the enemy. Feel free to proceed with free battle. You win if you defeat all the enemies. You can only lead a maximum of 3 masters with your current ability. If you don't know which one to pick for your team, use auto matching function. It automatically matches you with the strongest of us. However, i can tell you that they seem to support you with whatever might make you stronger as long as you complete their missions. So it is best for you to complete the missions from the senior council. By the time you finish all these, you will become an advanced master linker. Gift box - this is where you keep your reward.

Hint & Tips

1. Set effects are essential for stronger combat power. When 'item set' is fitted, 'set effect' can be used.
2. The master is equipped with a rune to provide additional capability. The master can be stronger by mounting the rune.
3. The drag system is a system that allows you to 'test the hero/master's skill in the desired area'. You can 'drag'the skill to try it in the desired position. Cursors the enemy with 'supporting masters' to neutralize them. Master will help you with many various of skills. The 'social skill' of the master requires a 'social point'. Using hero skills, get social points, using master social skills.
4. Use cheat code, and give: gold, crystal, energy, SSR hero summon ticket, soulstone, legendary equipment, fashion pack, enhance materials


Kay - likes to act as he wants and he does not care about others. Although he made a big reputation after defeating blackened monster, there is no known detail about Kay's past yet. Irene - is Havana's famous bounty hunter. There is a world 'all the hard requests were directed to her in Havana'. However her employment costs are quite high. She is a cold fish to people but utterly warm to master.Rhea - is the daughter of the chosen person Hieren, and she is like a princess of Havana. Although her ability of Havana. Although her ability to use magic is still immature and she doesn't recognize herself, her potential magical powers are already recognized.

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