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Hell Park Tycoon Simulator use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

We need to get our park ready for the big opening! We need to build our first ride! Lava diving - let's see who can get the highest score from the judges. Wheel of sins - a Ferris wheel that is spun by sinners. Hellishly hypnotizing. Infernal roller coasters - same as a roller coaster, but at infernal speed. Dragon flying - you need a dragon island to build this ride. We have our first quest! He already paid for parking and is heading to the ticket booth. At the ticket booth, he will buy an entrance ticket. The ticket price depends on the number of rides in the park. The guest bought a ticket for lava dive and is now ready to have fun!

Hell Park Tycoon Simulator Hack Basics

We only have one ride for now, but soon we'll be able to build a bunch more. If we upgrade Lava Dive, it will increase ticket prices. The parking lot is nearly full! Guests won't have anywhere to park soon. We need to upgrade the parking lot, quick. The more parking in your hell park, the more visitors will be able to come to you. Do not forget about it. More visitors - more money. I've made arrangements for a cool rock band to play in the park. It will attract guest. Select a format and length for the performance, starting with the opening act. Don't forget that the band can't keep playing forever, you'll have to invite them again.

Hint & Tips

1. There are huge lines at the entrance! We need another ticket booth. Tap on the park entrance. Demon enter your park through the ticket office. The faster the ticket offices work, the faster visitors can enjoy the rides and bring you profit.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: crystals, cash, auto clicker, game speed x10, vip pack, general manager, off ad, premium items, duration 0s
3. Oh, by the way, the park has special food kiosks for demons - just another way to earn money.
4. Missions - completing tasks earns you great rewards. By doing them you will always know what to do next.
5. We also have a statistics window. It will show the problem areas of your hell park. Don't forget to upgrade the rides, expand the parking lot and install new ticket booths.

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