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Hello Tokotoko Game story

Tokotokos are cute and lively artists traveling around the worlds to improve on their art. Such an exhausting way of living...Tokotokos need to rest too, or their inspiration will dry out! Thankfully, Oko the photograhper has started to arrange a resort island into a relaxing place: the Cozynest. Let's customize the Cozynest to attract Tokotokos. Here's a decoration. Take it, it's a gift! Tap a decoration spot to position your new item! Tokotokos can't resist a decorated Cozynest! They will come in no time! You just have to wait for a bit...Atthough, Tokotokos can be very shy, especially if humans are around. Hako seems to enjoy her stay here. She left a gift in the Money Box. Tap it to get your reward! Have I told you that I was a photographer? Tap the Oko button to discover the picture I took! You know, travelers may feel lonely during their trip. With this picture, she will be able to remember good times!

Hello Tokotoko Hack Basics trucos

Every decoration is likely to please to a new Tokotoko! Try different styles to attract different Tokotokos! Tap a decoration spot to get a new decoration. This is the Shop! They always get the latest trending decorations. You should come here regularly! Going through all these challenges will help you befriend the Tokotokos, and you should know they aren't picky about gifting! Hey, it looks like you've already completed some challenges! Select the challenge with a tap. Tap the "Claim" button to get the reward! You've bought your first decoration, it means a lot! To position it on the Cozynest, tap an empty space and select the decoration in the list.

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Photos take a while to develop...Watch a short video to get more photos instantly! One more thing, let me show you the Market! Here, you can buy cool stuff for your Cozynest! Buttons, stamps, and even unique decorations! Max your chances with the Starter pack! Get rid of ads and get the best out of Hello Tokotoko! Hey, you got mail. Tap the Letter button to check your new letter. Hako answered you! I hope she liked the picture! A good appreciation means a good reward! Tap the letter to read it. Let's see if Hako liked our lil gift! You received your first letter! The more you wait for an answer, the happier you are when you get one!

Hello Tokotoko Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Congratulations! You know everything about taking care of the Cozynest. Now, you should learn more about the different Tokotokos so you can befriend them and get great photos!
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Hello Tokotoko cheat code - give: starter pack, decorations, buttons, stamps, stuff, fashion, stories, items, money, photos, shards, off ads, admin panel, starter pack, offline reward
3. You've come to the Cozynest twice in the same day! Stroll around this place regularly to discover Oko's new photos and check your mailbox! Change the decorations to discover new Tokotokos!
4. All the decorations spots of the Cozynest has now been decorated! You can safely assume that this Cozynest is your very own. Though I wonder if there are other Cozynests in this Universe...
5. Some decorations will illuminate the night! It's very practical! You don't want to stumble over a roof and fall off the Cozynest, right?

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Hello Tokotoko Redeem code - premium gift box 27.08.2021

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