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Hellopet House hack cheat code List

coins - use hack 0onGK1wP1
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Month Card x1 - 2282LeXTb
upgrade - FK2AtAN0Q
daily gift bag x10 - PE0DWMAMz
secret combination code - cl1p0UiFt
premium furniture - jFkzi2OE6
unlock rooms - W9GGqZJ8s
off ad - 0SUTWeiRm
weekly box - ZJ4hKzrdV
level up - ndaVwtRdh
decorate - Og4ueHwq5
pets - Wzf6TW7ql
ingredients - YfGmycdRp
stars - ZiqvFyQDU
increase storage - 9GOAHZONl

Hellopet House use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

When Jane was young, she lived happily together with her grandmother and grandma's many pets. Then came the day Jane had to move away. She was sad to leave her beloved grandmother and pets. Even while living in a big city, Jane missed her hometown. She dreamed of living with her grandma again. One day Jane received a letter containing good news. It was an invitation from Grandma! Jane returned to her grandma's home filled with joy. Are all her animal friends doing well?

Hellopet House Hack Basics

How, should we start cooking for our friends? While you were making treats, i cleaned up the floor. It should look a little cleaner now. I think we should keep cleaning the house till grandma comes back. This looks like a very damaged sofa! We'll need a place to take breaks, so let's start by cleaning up the sofa. Keep playing the game to get various rewards. Complete missions more easily by upgrading!

Hint & Tips

1. You can get more coins by linking combos. Double tap to discard materials.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: coins, candy, moves, gems, premium furniture, unlock rooms, decorate, pets, ingredients, stars, increase storage
3. Change your play style depending on the goal.
4. Use the instant complete booster to avoid wait times.
5. Spin the roulette wheel to get a pet. You can accessorize your pets. Select a unit to interact with them. Complete all the activities to get candy.

Hellopet House Hack tools Version:


Hellopet House Redeem code - premium gift box

1. 33g8IcZT0OlN3xZ
2. QHJwWJuprFwlcqy
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4. C6rZjyQmaARD6hi
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