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unlock territory - use OoQ6C3PZC
off ads - JvotfMcnK
secret combination - UIVBaVkpd
diamonds - WbN7OenLn
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attraction - enter VG4nH5fxs
factories - 6fAtBJHFx
production - use UkHAfsbJO
token - use aPYRjrXFq
coupons - zIhhkgoZM
fertilizers- enter No3JUjpUk
starter pack - HBKOmo1f9
speed up - enter xLJu88yXz

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Hemp Paradise Game story

Oh, you're finally here! Let's celebrate your arrival with a toke of some fresh-cut weed! Drag to harvest. Planting is super easy. Start with the strain that causes the least strain: OG Kush! Drag to plant. This here is my pride and joy: the Dispensary, where you get Coins and XP at a fair rate. Trade your sweet OG Kush for even sweeter cash! Knowing our customers, they'll be craving for joints real soon! Don't worry baby, Jazelle will hook ya up. Time to get our Joints Factory up and running. Joints Factory Drag to produce. Here's a tip...Diamonds speed up the process. This one's on me. Swipe the shelves to grab your Joints. Didn't I told you? Joints out, cash in!

Hemp Paradise Hack Basics trucos

Hey, so, if you want to open the resort any time soon, we gotta talk about this...Let's focus on getting the Welcome Pier back into shape for our guests. Clean-up on aisle "Welcome Pier". Start the restoration of 1 welcome pier's stage(s). Restoring the pier: 1. We have to gather materials from everywhere to restore the pier. 2. You can learn how to get any item by pressing their icons. 3. After the pier's done, we'll start to receive lots of visitors in the resort! We need to repair the pier so more of our visitors can access and enjoy the resort! Operation "Pier Cleaning" is a go-go. While I keep an eye on the pier restoration, why don't you put your green thumb to the test? Grow that ganja!

enter gift pass:
upgrade trucos - xd1GfXDWc
level up code - t4qOB2vzA
daily pack Hemp Paradise cheat - enter pass Po5H3pSA3
admin account - TEn4giTp8
Month Card x1 - qcKtBUe2U
booster pack - lqGTwedUO
evolve - yd041cAYU
enhance - eY3LIG6Cw
Our closest neighborhood, it holds both the oil workshop and the key to our endless expansion! Unlocking this neighborhood will grant you access to more building space! There are some good deals happening at the Dispensary, don't let'em slip away! Shake that money-maker, baby! Look for a green deal and tap on it! Unlocking the reception will give you access to daily tasks, nicely rewarding you for fulfilling them! We're just started, but the future is so promising! So much so that we already were contacted with the promise of a exclusive buds store blueprint! So, I saw you rebuilding the Welcome Pier, but you're gonna run yourself dry. Want an insider's tip? Cannabutter, and the tasty kind. If you want to make a quick buck, here's the way to go! Lucky for you, repairing the Baker Workshop is just a button press away.

Hemp Paradise Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Our primary goal right now needs to be fixing the pier. For that, we'll need special materials. My high school carpentry skills can only get me so far. We'll search the entire resort looking for them, but I figure that the Dispesary is the best way to go - for now! Scout the Welcome Pier to find out what we need! Required to repair the 2nd stage of the Welcome Pier. Obtainable from doing trades at the Dispensary.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Hemp Paradise cheat code - give: diamonds, speed up, unlock territory, materials, decorations, housing, attraction, factories, production, coins, token, coupons, fertilizers
3. Using Fertilizer will make your buds grow instantly!
4. Shipping the cargo ship:
1. The ship only leaves when you fill all crates, so take your time!
2. Once it returns, you'll receive important tools for your resort's growth.
3. Use them to raise attractions and increase your storage!
5. Repairing wreckages raises your resort rank. Required to repair your broken housing and factories. Obtainable from the trees at your initial neighborhood.
6. Building stuff is an important part of running a resort. Weed's good, guests need places to sleep and relax too! Remember that and soon enough your Resort Rank will be through the roof, boss.
7. Managing your storage:
1. Visit all of your storage's categories by changing tabs.
2. Pay attention to the capacity and upgrade it whenever you can!
3. If you need space or some quick cash, sell items by tapping on it!

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