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Game story

Your goal is to improve the World as much as you cna while also preventing that it reaches a critical level. Select any country. Every country has 4 attributes: health, environment, safety, and science. During your play through crises will happen and will damage one or more of these attributes. Select a crisis: this section will show you which attribute the crisis will damage. Here you will also find the crisi's weakness, you'll need this information to know how fast you can destroy this crisis. You have 4 attributes: vigor, strength, speed and intelligence. Always check the weakness of the crisis and compare to your attributes, the higher the attribute, the faster the crisis will be destroyed. In spect as many countries as you wish and find out which one is a good fit for you to start.

Hero Among Us Hack Basics trucos

Your hero is creating an effect! Once it's done it will start improving one or more attributes of the current country. The world will offer you feedback on what is happening, click on the icon to know more. The world is alive! From time to time, crises of all kind will start to happen, click on this crisis. Here you will find all the information you need to destroy the crisis. In front of its name you will find the severity level, the higher the number is the worst the crisis. Yellow bar represents how close you are from destroying the crisis, once it's depleted it will be destroyed. If the crisis is not destroyed, it can grow stronger increasing its Severity. This bar represents the progression of the severity. An active crisis or a Villain can damage your hero! If your vigor reaches 0, the game will end. You can heal yourself by staying put in a country where there's a positive effect in place and no active crises.
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Choose your hero: First - you inspire other people to bring justice with their own hands. After unlocking this skill, you can summon amateur vigilantes to help you for a limited time. Second - for a limited time no one can heep up with your speed. Everything around you freezes as you can destroy crisis and battle villains without taking any damage. Third - a temporary drone is created on the hero's current country, taking all the damage delt by crisis and villains.

Hero Among Us Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Crises are starting to happen on other countries. To destroy it, your hero needs t travel there. First select the country. Now click again on the country to confirm and begin traveling. Remember that your hero will travel faster if its speed attribute is higher.
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3. Your hero has leveled up! Click on your hero's portrait. this is the skill tree, here you will be able to make your unit even more powerful by choosing between 3 types of skills: positive effect - after created, it will improve one or more of a country's stats based on the effect's level. All 3 types of skills increase your hero's attributes, but the upgrade skill is totally focused on that, it will drastically increase strength, vigor, speed and /or intelligence. And finally, the combat skill gives your hero new techniques to fight villains.
4. A villain has spawned and they can destroy your positive effects. You can engage with then in a battle by staying on the same country as they are. Your decision triggered a countdown timer, you must reach the indicator before the time runs out. Hero Among Us decisions also can create crises and positive effects. These effects are more powerful, they will change the stats of the country faster than the regular ones. They can even boost the power of the other active effects on the current country.
5. Your hero got an enhancement point! Click on your hero's portrait. This is the enhancement skill tree! Here you will find your hero's unique active skill and other very important enhancements that can help a lot. Don't forget to check the active skill's description to lean how it works.
6. Hero Among Us hero's origin country is a good place to restore their vigor, but it will only heal if there are no active crises on the country. It is always a good idea to keep the country clean so you can use it as a refuge when you're in danger.

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