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Hero Avengers Game story

Dear commanders, welcome to Hero Avengers! This world, where the gods have fallen asleep and buff are scattered all over the corners, are about to be ruled by the darkness. You, as the chosen one, can change the fate of the world. The demon's men chased over. Tap to start the challenge to face the battle! Tap on the hero avatar and let the hero fight! Everything is ready to destroy the enemy! The energy is full, let's release the hero's big move to end this battle! Swipe on the skill icon to hit the target accurately. Have you played with pesticides? The enemy forces are constantly flowing and cannot be relaxed! There are new heroes coming here! Don't forget to tap on the avatar to join the heroes and slow your hand on the battlefield! Set the new hero in the middle to attack more enemies in range!

Hero Avengers Hack Basics trucos

In the previous battle, I won a lot of loot, let us arm the new hero and quickly strengthen her agility! Finally tap Auto-Equip, give the hero some weapons at the disposal, and improve the basic attributes of the hero. In this way, our line-up is much stronger! Return to the battlefield to see the situation. Really stubborn guys, it the time to show real skills! Continue fighting! Don't forget to join our friends and see the enhanced capabilities! Use this battle to start our name! Come on, heroes! You can get rich rewards after completing the quest.

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upgrade trucos - TVwAouFvD
level up code - bbionfKN8
daily pack cheat - enter pass 2quVq6Cpd
admin account - HHkzZFcX4
Month Card x1 - kVyDoPH3p
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evolve - FGl0xLlI5
enhance - HmY9Vhwsj
Powerful skills will never be disadvantaged in battle! Don't forget to strengthen your hero skills at the right time. Poison Squirt - Spurts venom to attack enemies in distance, dealing damage equal to 100% of. Poisonous Fog - Charges for a while before spraying a poisonous mist, dealing damage to enemies. Explosive agent - Spurts unstable venom, which blasts after hitting a target, dealing damage to enemies. Shield Bash - Wields the shield to attack the enemy in front twice, each dealing damage. Charged shock - Charges for a while before throwing the energy shield forward, dealing damage. Defense stance - Enhances the defence system and increases self's DEF by 15% for 8 seconds. Shelling - Shells the enemy in distance, dealing damage equal to 104% of ATK. Bionical field - Creates a Bionical field around an ally, granting allies within range a shield that. Double slash - Launches 4 slashes forward, each dealing damage equal to 25% of ATK.

Hero Avengers Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Go to stage 2-1 to defend against the Al-Mech troops. In order to solve the problem of the shortage of laboratory funds, the professor joined the Human Mech Corps and formed a special combat team with the super-power. At this time, the omnic suddenly appeared with the help of the hand of Cyborq and raided Polis energy base
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Hero Avengers cheat code - give: star up, equipment, fragment, supply, vip, game speed x10, auto clicker, epic chest, diamonds, gold coins, legendary heroes, afk mode
3. Equipment chest - After opening get 20 minutes on-hook equipment. Green equipment chest - Activate to randomly obtain 1 piece of green equipment. Rename card - Can be used to change your name
4. Evolution is an important reinforcement way for Heroes. Tap the Evolution button to enter the Recasting Center. After success, the hero's quality will change, and the attribute growth will be greatly increased! Heroes with full equipment can upgrade, and the upper limit of hero level and skill level will be broken after upgrade. Level up the hero's ultimate skills to become stronger!
5. As the stage progresses, the rewards of the AFK battle will be better and better. Treasure chest can only accumulate 12 hours, don't forget to collect rewards.
6. Grocery store - Exchange the equipment heroes needed. Diamond store - Various super items are prepared for heroes.

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