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Hero Craft hack cheat code List

awaken - use hack aEuSZ6s4Z
daily pack - enter pass ePz4MykUr
vip - ILPg9Xovp
gems - iVSoTRled
booster pack - S4erEKCDl
cube - oqJq5w2Ps
Month Card x1 - xB8mHhtnJ
legendary relic - I7KLmVNYq
daily gift bag x10 - 5iqO6nQGU
orb - eCp5UgmL7
skill pieces - wIyhhukiC
weapon - I4LspUQUb
upgrade - 98kfgrEpU
level up - jT24E1dSR
box key - zbJnUsgzF
equipment - ATBkQhtbz
restore HP - uQzeF9cMO
general pack - zZVSXmlyV

Hero Craft use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

It's dangerous to enter the dungeon without knowing anything. It's your first time, so i'll go to the dungeon together. I'll let you know one by one since the first matters. We need to find a portal to the next floor. Look at the map on the upper right and find the portal. Teleportation is possible by pressing the image shown on the mini-map. We will practice basic control. Press the normal attack key to attack continuously. Normal attack doesn't need stamina and cooldown. Avoidance has a invincibility judgment, so take advantage of it when you are in a crisis. If you press the skill, the damage will be stronger. Keep pressing the skill button. Lets learn about skill strengthening. When you press the skill button, skills are upgraded to 2 levels.

Hero Craft Hack Basics

Skill link activates when you use another skill while skill strengthening is active. Takes over the skill strengthened level. After using the skill button by pressing it tightly. Press another skill while using. Skill link is a technique that continues strengthening skills. Skill link activates when you use another skill while skill strengthening is active. There is a elite monster among the monster. When attacked by the elite monster, rigidity occurs. WHile you are rigid, you cannot move, so press the avoidance to escape. Stamina is used for avoidance, but there is invincibility judgment. Click the minimap ont he upper right. In the mini map there will be various images. By pressing the image you can teleport to the location of the image.

Hint & Tips

1. A weak normal attack doesn't work for the boss. Use the skill to attack. When there is a gap after the boss uses the skill. THe point is to shot a high damage in a single shot by charging skill. At the bottom of the boss HP. Every time the boss hit by the skill gauge will be fileld up. When the gauge is full, super armor will be activated. You can't damage the boss even with skills.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: awaken, vip, cube, orb, skill pieces, weapon, box key, restore HP, legendary relic
3. Unnecessary relics can be removed from the shop. You can earn more orbs in the orb dungeons.
4. The higher the stage, the higher the chance of winning a highgrade treasure chest. In order to clear more difficult dungeons from now on, you need to level up. If you kill a monster in the dungeon, you're going to level up. More precisely, it's possible to grow up with a white cube from the monster.
5. Training ground - from here you can grow your strength and agility with the growth cube. You can become more powerful by increasing the ATK or DEF shown on the left. If you die, the items and skill you get from the dungeon will disappear.

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Hero Craft Redeem code - premium gift box

1. C8ApiF6fMyjtcoM
2. fD1hZbgFTAAyj8s
3. RiolaIfRmaqzcd5
4. UfYEp96ovatmhDL
5. 6JWNs8BdzVrwIq6
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