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diamonds - use G0lAtleTL
gold - lnGxDCAgH
research - ZBIjsQExO
off ads - CH1ABHJwi
double rewards - fTjIxHrXT
speed up - ghX0Dul5k
enhance - pzY6gkBKj
premium towers - 8NgYJ75Is
game speed x10 - iBlClYxk1
legendary hero - 4Ywf8du6q
admin panel - JwGf87vtY
fortune chest - ylWrIXl75
keys - 3id7jWgmw
exclusive pack - upjZlAmHr
artifact - pkxX6dzm0
evolve - ZdBrVzH08
go back 100 stages - guGCHGNbs
weapons - N5oGAkzcg
summoning mana - 4LsyCJ6Ir

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HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Once upon a time, there was an ultimate fun and exciting defense game called the "hero defense king". Heroes did their best to fend off attacks from monsters. That's what they do in defense games. But the heroes got tired of waiting for the monsters to come. So they have decided to go find the monsters to kill. Now it's the monsters turn to fear. Heroes armed with power and strength of a tank are on a hunt for monsters. There are no towers! Attack the castle! Everyone, charge! Build a tower! Now summon soldiers to fight off enemies. You can summon up to 10 soldiers. Summon soldier from the menu. Attack before the units are summoned. You need mana to summon characters. Bottom bar - this is your current soldier count. Max signifies that you have reached maximum summon limit. You can change your formation to effectively respond to enemy attack. Each formation activates unique buff effect. Change the formation based in your strategy.

Hero Defense Castle Hack Basics trucos

Do you want to look around inside the Castle? Tap here to move to the bottom of te castle. You can do various researches in the castle. There are research lab and mines. Just tap on sword icon to go to the battle screen. Level up the soldiers. Let's punish the enemies. Be sure to reinforce your units continuously. It's important to maintain maximum soldier count, all the time. Skills: sword of heaven - summons sword of heaven and attacks the enemy. Trap of darkness - sets a mine that explodes when stepped on.

enter cheat (gift codes):
upgrade trucos - cXSWTUUFU
level up - foYncO0jP
daily pack - enter pass jGobvsjQz
admin account - 95nmLvILE
Month Card x1 - dN7UEmauD
booster pack - tQM6cBMyx
evolve - vyiZAnMDJ
enhance - 6s1kkFeX4
Rage - uses the rage energy to temporarilly restore HP and increase ATK. Soul of Wolf - summons vicious soul of a wolf that attacks nearby enemies. Lightning Nova - generates electric energy in surrounding area and attacks the enemy. Lightning recharge - decreases lightning skill casting time. Sensational attack - paralyzes the enemy with certain rate of probability. Ice spark - spikes of ice attacks surrounding are and freezes the enemies. Kamouu Smash - smashes down with a giant totem to attack surrounding area.

Hero Defense Castle Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Soldiers: Conscript - civilian that was recruited and trained as a soldier. Orc warrior - deals splash damage to nearby enemies with certain rate of probability. Apprentice wizard - deals magical attack to enemies from a distance.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: diamonds, gold, research, speed up, enhance, premium towers, game speed x10, evolve, legendary hero, fortune chest, keys, go back 100 stages, wall repair, summoning mana
3. Tower: arch tower - it's a common tower with archer positioned on top. Attacks aerial units first, and deals CRIT hit with certain rate of probability.

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