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Hero's Path Game story

Ella and Elyse are twin sisters, and their inherent magical potential has earned them the title "Magic Double Star" among the Elves. Nevertheless, Elyse's elder sister Ella demonstrated a magical talent that far surpassed Elyse's, and their differences stretched further as they entered the Magic Academy. Ella was lauded as a magic genius by her peers and teachers, and the "Magic Double Star" is no longer mentioned. Elyse is a sensitive and introverted person who feels a variety of things but seldom expresses them. Though she has always loved her sister deeply, due to her lack of strength, she can no longer fight alongside her sister and feels resentful. However, she is also a very...

It would be ompossible for Stan to become the best musketeer without Wesker's help, and without the guidance of this genius scientist dwarf, he wouldn't have taken on the road to I.T.U. Coalition. Stan was born in the Lava Canyon near the Realm of Fire, where the heat is as intense as the name, and the resources are scarce as well. Yet the Dwarves took full advantage of the sweltering climate and abundant minerals to create a large number of steam machines. These seemingly bulky and rustic machines were distributed throughout the bases of I.T.U. Coalition in exchange for the bare neccessities of life. Dwarves are all about developing all kinds of new...

Rogers was once and ordinary writer in the Orenda Empire who, during the war, hoped to promote the concept of peace worldwide through his works of literature. The voracious inhumans, however, simply view humans as food. Rogers' efforts in the literary world will not save the beleaguered Irenda Empire, so he insisted on joining the army for the sake of his own country! With Rogers as the vanguard warrior of the Irenda Empire Knights, the Empire achieved many victories in the hundreds of battles he fought. Amidst defending the Empire with a huge sword, Rogers insisted on advocating peace, and finally won a valuable ally in the..

Hero's Path Hack Basics trucos

So this is the den of the Fire Dragon King? What a dreadful situation we have here. There is a powerful and netarious force hidden in here. Don't let your guard down! My hero, please, pull yourself together. You can't stop now...Will the ending be different this time. Commander, please lead us to start over...The monsters are heading towards us! We must keep them out of the city! Please lead us to wipe out those monsters! We mustn't let them loose! Alliance of I.T.U. Coalition and Sunland Academy, on your order! Please lead us into battle! Prepare for battle! What a superb addition to me! Let's eliminate these monsters once and for all! What an uphill battle to fight! Wait a second, there's a treasure left by the enemies! Evil forces are still lurking in the dark, which requires you to upgrade the Heroes and strengthen your team! Tap Upgrade to upgrade me by 5 levels! The team has been greatly strengthened. Shadow Witch - can create a circular abyss that deals high AoE damage in a few seconds.

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The Elves are not known for their proficiency in melee combat. Rather, they rely on their magical affinity to control various elements. However, Dan is an exception among the elves. He is not particularly talented at magic, but he is amazing at swordmanship. Dan became a member of the Moonlight Grade on the recommendation of Seregeant Kim of Sunland Academy. He is especially admired by his female peers, including the Ella and Elyse sisters, due to his handsome appearance, elegant demeanor, and superb swordmanship. As the proud student of Sergeant Kim and a member of the Moonlight Grade, Dan came to the front line at an...

Hero's Path Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Summoning Heroes 10 times guarantees an Epic or a Legendary Hero. Evolve Heroes to greatly boost their Stats!
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Hero's Path cheat code - give: afk 72h reward, summon x10, rebirth, legendary hero, crystal of legacy, treasure, diamonds, gold coins, active points, materials, rune,artifact, start pack, promotion
3. Ancient Golem - guards the tranquil ruins, huge and fomidable, swings fists to attack all enemies in front.
4. Musketeer - ranged archer of individual attack. A member of the special force, the dwarven sharp archer is a close friend.
5. Each hero is unique, with heroes from six factions and lots of skills, the game is supporting thousands of strategies, allowing you to create your own genre of combat!

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