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Game story

Long long time ago...There was a blood red star burning ominously upon the kindom's sky. Prophets called in the Devil's star and feared that i would bring chaos and destruction to the world. However, the warnings of the prophets slowly faded away as peace filled the kingdom. As time went on, the Devil's star began to brun crimson red. The world was flooded with monsters and the Goddess summoned a hero to save this world. That hero is you...Oh courageous hero...Only you can save this world from terror, bring back the light to dark town.

Hero Quests Hack Basics trucos

Press action button to attack. You can also activate the object with an action button. HP can be recovered by using items in the quick slot. Your hero's appearance will vary depending on the equipments. Equipment reinforce improves performance regardless of the equipment level. Remember, level ups give you stat points. You can use them to upgrade any of the 6 attributes: intelligence, luck, wisdom, strength, vitality, agility. Find out how each stat effects your character.

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daily pack - enter pass baJmZOBlS
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Month Card x1 - oDh7h0c8N
booster pack - lVz8dd8M2
evolve - myP3ye5bv
enhance - yDTemk3AE
Upgrade - here, you cna permanently grant special abilities to your character using gold or soulstone. As the level of the hero increases, the maximum number of upgrades also increases. Explore the dungeons lurked by scary monsters and collect the best equipment. The deeper the dungeon, the rarer and better items will be found. Each dungeon has a entering limited to explore during the day. You can move to another village through the Wanderer.

Hero Quests Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Don't forget to take a recovery potion in order to fight with monster. You shouldn't neglect either HP or MP. If you want to recover health, try use red HP potion. Try eating food. Each food has various HP/MP recovery effects.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: gold, stage admission ticket, recover HP/MP, increase attributes, stat points, equipment, weapons, free roulette, material, soul stone, instant clear ticket, raid token, off ad
3. You can equip the skills up to 5 and impossible to use it unless the skill is equipped.
4. Daily quests reset everyday at 00:00 am. Completed quests rewards are sent to the mailbox.
5. Higher skill levels consume more MP and are stronger. Tap on monster while in battle to see its information.
6. Unbind items using soul stones.

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