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Hero Squad Game story

The perilous adventure has begun. Friends, let's go! Hero List shows all the heroes you currently have. Tap to deploy [Tank] Hero Patton. Enemy's attack will focus on the front row. Put [Patton] in the front row to endure the damage. Tap to deploy [DPS] Hero Achilles. The rear row is relatively safe for damage dealer. Put (Achilles) in the rear row to attack. After deployment, tap [Start Battle] to enter battle! Hero attacks choose counterpoint target by default. Hero gets Mana for dealing or taking damage, they will unleash Magic Spell when Mana is full. Congrats on your first victory! new upgrade resources: Hero Tomes and Gold!

Hero Squad Hack Basics trucos

You can spend Hero EXP Tomes and Gold to upgrade heroes. Tap [Upgrade] to level up Heroю Tap [Lv.20]) to Quick Upgrade hero to Lv.20. Tap a monster to check its skills and skill range. Monster skill attacks targets in a column, tap to close skill range info. Blade Sabercat - Magic Spell deal 200% M.DMG to all targets in the column of the default target on the closest Board faces. Characters on the upper board are within the enemy's range of attack. Hold and Drag Achilles to stay out of monster attack range. The adventure is perilous, we need to Advance Un recruit more heroes. Heeding the summons of [Aesir's Tear], the Recruit feature is unlocked. Tap [Summon x1] to geta new ally. Recruit another 80 times you will get CORE hero.

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Tap on the [Formation Card pool]. We have recommended 6 [Core Formations] with powerful Bonds effects. We recommend this Card Pool based on the Core Hero that you have recruited. Tap on the 10x Recruit to summon 10 times in a row and get a complete Powerful Core Formation. Your new formation hasn't been deployed. Tap on the Quick [Team] button. Tap on Preset Team 2 to quickly deploy a powerful core formation. When the battle starts, if you only have 1 [Cambion] hero alive, all DMG dealt by that hero is converted into True DMG with a chance to clear all of the target's Mana. [Dwarf] heroes gain ATK each round and gain a large ATK Boost After HP drops below a threshold of after a certain round. [All Allies] gain increased Skill Damage and Healing effects.

Hero Squad Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Tap Combo icon to view the detailed effect of selected combo.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Hero Squad cheat code - give: summon x10, diamonds, transcend crystal, speed up, offline reward, luck recruit, epic gear, formation, core hero, medals, tickets, premium war, gold coins
3. A powerful new enemy is up ahead. We need to upgrade Core Hero Level. Tap on a Core Hero that hasn't been upgraded.
4. [Quests], [Ranking], [Friends], [Mail] and other features are now unlocked, go and have a look!
5. Every floor of the Ruins has fierce enemy guards, you must defeat them to enter the next floor. Tap on monster slot to start the challenge.
6. Item [Transcend Crystal] collected, go to Hero List page to use Transcend Upgrade. When the [Transcend] button is available, spend Transcend Crystals to raise Hero level cap.
7. The Ruins Challenge has ended, go to Story Quests to keep progressing!

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