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promote - use hack X8BEOVLxQ
daily pack - enter pass n2n2577nj
gold - Q1XfkyWfN
speed up - OAOjGK2hx
booster pack - HidHkcz72
diamonds - YH9gxdN23
Month Card x1 - W2n63WClZ
premium gear - sLhY3zOFm
daily gift bag x10 - 2cCLxT2NR
abilities - iYz9qi9mB
stamina - zAvyiHOEk
upgrade - q5OqbNXBH
level up - NIs6tIEIV
legendary summons scroll - q6IWQH1zl
soul - ZLO4O61cu
bundle (cursed, fireborn, radiant, restoration, vampiric) - ppS5p3jeb
vip - eFFsyioUR

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Game story

Greetings adventurer and welcome to the new android game. The realm of Aethernia is on the break of war. You have been summoned because your heart is pure and your mind is clear, exactly what a great leader needs. Our ancestors taught is that conflict can be avoided and wars can be won without even drawing your sword, unfortunately not this war. You must show strength, courage and wisdom to succeed! But do not take my world for it. Close your eyes, i will show you a glimpse of the nearby future. First vision is always tough, you might feel a bit dizzy but you will be fine, eventually...Allow me to introduce you our magnificent real. This is the standtall keep, our journey starts here. Take your time to explore it, and remember, i will be there when you need me the most.

Heroes Forge Battlegrounds Hack Basics

Free items - toss a coin to your...Oh, i always loved to sign by the pond, and watch the water. Here, sit next to me and make a wish, you will always get something nice. Actually you can make wishes here two times a day, or more if you throw in some coin. Gold - the main currency in the seven kingdoms. Diamonds - rare stones, used to trade the most precious goods. Map - this is our world map seen from a bird's eye, you have the eye of the seer indeed. Each landmark has seven stages, and two modes: normal and heroic. At the end of each zone there is a boss that will require all your power and knowledge to defeat. Completing a zone unlock the next one. Additional rewards will be unlocked for completing it at max stars.

Hint & Tips

1. Plan your actions carefully, as each decision is crucial for the victory and every misstep can lead to demise. Select your heroes ability, then select the target to apply.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: promote, gold, diamonds, premium gear, abilities, stamina, legendary summons scroll, soul, bundle (cursed, fireborn, radiant, restoration, vampiric)
3. We still do not fully understand how it works, but when your read a summoning scroll near the altar it happes. The scroll vanishes and a mighty new hero is summoned. Some say it's magic. All we know for sure is that some scrolls work better than others, some will summon common heroes, while other legendary. Maybe you can unlock the secrets of this ancient altar.
4. There are three hero classes available, each being strong versus one class and weak against other, just like the "rock scissor paper" game we played when kids. I will grant you vision and you will have visual clue on battle, to aid you choose the right target, just remember these relations: Green means that you are strong versus this class, yellow that your are neutral, and red that you are weak.

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