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Heroes of the Dark Game story

A land where Vampires, Werewolves and Humans fight for survival and superiority beneath a broken moon. The Vampiric High Council sought to deal a death blow against the Werewolf race by destroying the Moon's core, But their plan backfired. Moon Shards rained down upon Tenebris, blanketing the earth i great power, and growing chaos. Now, a certain Vampire Lord awakens from slumber. Cut the "mortal" crap. I'm here to help you. You're in grave danger, and unless we get you some Blood Crystals to regain your strength, we're both worm food. Produce Blood Crystals used for amplifying Vampire Heroes' powers. Let's hurry and produce some in that old Vampiric Ritual Room of yours. But you probably forgot all about that: You've been conked out for 40 years. Small Blood Shard - Used to level up vampires.

Heroes of the Dark Hack Basics trucos

Everything changed after the Moon fell. Arcane crystals litter the land. Blood Crystals are the source of the Vampires' insane power, which is why they can give YOU a boost. Levelling up a Hero requires special Crystals and Class Tokens! Human Lunar Laboratory - Produce Battery Crystals used for augmenting Human Heroes. Lupine Purification Chamber- Produce Purified Crystals used for enhancing Werewolf Heroes. Small Battery Shard - Used to level up Humans.

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Tap on this icon to have more details about the active heroic aura. Stalwart Veteran - Affected allies ignore 15% of the enemy's resistances. Affects 2 frontal slots. You are free to place your Heroes wherever you want! But don't forget about the Heroic aura!
Primal Fury - Kha'alil leaps and slams the ground, pulling all enemies in range close to him, dealing 100% Attack Power as damage and stunning them for 1,5 seconds.
Dance of Despair - Birsha strikes his target 3 timas in quick succession, dealing them 125% Attack Power as damage on each strike and self-healing by 30% max Health.
Clockwork Eye - Stamatus shoots an empowered projectile at his target, pushing them back and dealing 100% Attack Power +25% of target's max Health as damage.

Heroes of the Dark Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Let's upgrade our Throne Room! Upgrading it allows us to build new rooms and to upgrade exisiting ones. A functional Mansion in good shape is crucial to survive in these lands. Throne Room - The Heart of your Mansion. Upgrade to unlock new rooms and levels. The Path of Tenebris will help us on this journey and set us up for success. Many follow the Path of Tenebris for rewards, glory, and purpose. Follow the Path of Tenebris to gain powerful rewards and grow your Empire!
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Heroes of the Dark cheat code - give: moondust, gold, speed up, enhance, blood shard, crystal, starter pack, legendary assassin, resources, keys, lunar gems, exclusive hero, premium roll x10, rank up, stamina energy
3. Moondust Factory - Produce Moondust used for Crafting Crystals. Gold Foundry - Produce Gold used for upgrading Rooms. Vault - Stores and protects Resources. Upgrade to increase the storage cap for Gold and Moondust.
4. Moon Crystals - the most important resource of our new world, and a stark reminder of the hubris of our species. Use them wisely on your allies, and they'll make you proud in battle.
5. Starter Pack - Get an Epic Assassin that cuts deep into enemy backline!
6. Daily Gift purchased - The items you recently purchased have been sent to your Stash. They will surely be of great help in your quest for glory!
7. Enemy Camps are your main source of Class Tokens for Hero Levelling. Defeat Ranger Camps to get Ranger Tokens, Tank Camps to get Tank Tokens. They'll also give you Resources, Equipment, and Dungeon Keys. Some Enemy Camps are toughter than others, mind you. We gotta work our way up-defeatin' the weaker ones first, before we can take on bigger targets. The battle will continue even if you leave!

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