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legendary card - use aTc3rPrOP
chest - NHSjS1903
secret combination - jlfHW9AmH
speed up - UMjw9990z
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off ads - 96zMkONol
madblings - otwf4eP2g
heroes - 3Tm7SHoIw
hirelings - BGBmfqiPL
admin panel - L75CotgDP
shards - 8NkODjckH
gold coins - use t3MLJTJ1U
spells - VNwPVR2NU
skins - 4jd3qD0sN
increase stats - GVBNqVdzs

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HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Welcome! I am Cheat-on, humble scholar and chronicler. Right over there is Makino. It's almost nightfalls and that is when he gets really, really mad. It seems you're in his way...unfortunately. You are in big trouble. I've dealt with Makino before. Only upside is that the Nightfalls will show your dark side as well. Let's hope it's strong enough. Follow my lead if you want to survive. Each hero has 2 actions: movement and combat. Tap on unit to select them. The green tiles represent your hero's movement range. Tap on the tile you want them to go! Let's summon some hirelings to help. You can use hero's combat action to summon up two hirelings. You can summon your hireling anywhere within the purple area. You have performed all of your actions now, let's end this turn.

Heroes of Twilight Hack Basics trucos

Look at the guard zone around the opponent's hireling. Guard zones will stop your hireling's movement and force it to fight. Since it can't move any more, tap your hireling to see its attack range. Our brave hireling can attack anything within the red area. Tap on the opponent's hireling to attack it. He didn't die, but you can use your spells until you run out of mana. Mana is recovered after each turn, and you can collect some on the battlefield. We will win by killing the opponent's hero. Tap the target to drop a fireball on them.

enter cheat (Heroes of Twilight gift codes):
upgrade trucos - UAGGGSv4N
level up - 4QMbhfKzz
daily pack - enter pass pRtoU2tWx
admin account - ky3H8Ng5l
Month Card x1 - nBtkpcgUq
booster pack - IFKlZbbuk
evolve - fuyrd6TXa
enhance - 6wYx3G8ta
Every chest has its own timer, but you cna only unlock one chest at a time. First chest will be unlocked in just a couple of seconds, but more rare chests can take longer. You always have the option to unlock them instantly, using madblings. Tap on your chest to reveal its contents and collect your loot. Spells: tap on spells to see them in your spell collection and upgrade them. To upgrade a spell, you need to collect enough duplicates of the same spell.

Heroes of Twilight Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Spells: sunpops sunbolt - an attack that deals damage and inflicts burn to the enemy target. Can only be used during sunpops.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: legendary card, chest, speed up, off ad, gold, madblings, heroes, hirelings, spells, skins, increase stats
3. Stun effects block combat actions, while freeze effects block the movement action.
4. Hirelings move vertically and horizontally while heroes can also move diagonally.
5. Collect the VIP and regular reward, unlock chests 25% faster. Access to all normal hero skins. Unlimited access to past calendar rewards. Automatically collect all rewards at the end of the login calendar.
6. Heroes: Mad gnome - are a formidable line of defense against enemy threats. They can move farther during Nightfalls, but are near-sighted.
7. Quests page - here you can see the progress of your quests and claim your rewards. Each day, a new daily quest will be added to your quest log. You can have up to three daily quests active, but you have to complete them to get new ones.

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