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Heroes Of Valhalla Game story

Welcome mighty Jarl! I'm Munin the memory crow. I'll help you find your way. This is your town. As their Jarl, people look up to you to defend and develop this land. Let's build a Town Hall, this will be your residence and a place for our people to gather in. Buildings or Upgrading structures requires available resources and builders. I just remembered! you can spend Gems to speed up production. Town Hall - Your own residence and the place to gather the spoils of raids and distribute them among your people. Scouts have found enemies nearby, we should prepare for a fight! These are the gates to our town, you must prevent enemy invaders from getting through. You can build defense towers on these marked slots.

Heroes Of Valhalla Hack Basics trucos

Archer towers will shoot at enemies from a distance. You can upgrade buildings by selecting them and spending some resources. Your reputation grows! We can build a Shrine of Odin to call upon mighty Heroes from Valhalla to aid us in battle. House - A humble rural living to accomodate a family, increases Gold production. Shrine of Odin - A shrine to the allmighty God of Valhalla, a spear by his side and ravens always nearby. Allows summoning heroes with horns. Advanced Horns can summon Unique Heroes. Horns can be found inside chests. Assign Heroes to defend the wall. Tap the Hero's portrait to select them. Then, try moving them by tapping on the ground. Use this button to recall idle heroes back to the wall.

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Heroes have special powers which cast mana points. Tap on the power icon to use it or hold down to preview its area of effect. You can level up your Heroes by going to the Hero Menu. You have enough Essence to level up. Heroes can be equipped with weapons and accessories in the Equipment tab. Powers can be upgraded through the Powers tab. Wave Obstacle - A barricade designed to stop your enemies on their tracks. Builder Hut - House to Bjorn the Builder, his buildings are not known for structural integrity. You're all set with the basics. Keep building and defending your land, and soon your name shall reach others of renown.

Heroes Of Valhalla Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Lumber Camp - Ligmar the Lumberjack chops wood here. Watch out for your fingers! Produces a steady ammount of wood.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Heroes Of Valhalla cheat code - give: advanced horns, summon x10, legendary heroes, premium chest, resources, speed up, essence, gold, gems, vip status, unique troops, workers, off ads, admin panel, starter pack, offline reward
3. Quarry - Deep dark tunnels where the best slabs of stone are to be found. Producs a steady ammount of stone.
3. Seer's Hut - Here lives Seior the witch, who prepares daily concoctions for your warriors. Produces a daily gift.
3. Heroes Hall - Here we pay homage to our glorious warriors. See your Hero collection.

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