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fuel - use yhebXXMcM
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Game story

The mechanized moloch of the Nachtreich swallowed almost all countries on the continent. Last islands of freedom keep fighting encircled by the enemy, but no one can resist the flawlessly running war machine. Regular armies of the free nations are defeated, but the command trains a new army to liberate occupied territories. The staff started working on a counter-action plan. The reconnaissance service found an occupation supply base on a little island: from here they control the coastline. A perfect spot to start the continent liberation campaign.

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Commander! It's an ambush! The enemy is attacking us with superior numbers! Looks like they've been waiting for us. We need victory! You must take command immediately! There's no way back. Tao hero to add it to squad. Please be informed that tanks take the blow and cover ally forces. We've captured the enemy artillery park. Front line units managed to capture the first war trophies. Let's test the weapons in battle.

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Month Card x1 - asUpmEGKC
booster pack - ITM3b46Iy
evolve - RxUo0UA4G
enhance - hHz9o5YTq
Artillery inflicts great damage on enemy positions long range. Artillery is too vulnerably at the forward edge. Move it to rearguard. We've received reinforcement. Now we are in possession of trained and persistent infantry troops. Infantry can covertly move on the battlefield. Drag the squads to the deployment zone. If infantry doesn't run against enemy soldiers, it will attack artillery positions.

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1. We expect the victory. But if we don't enhance our troops we can forget about it. The survivability of the unit in battle and its firepower grows with every new level. Let's enhance our tank.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Heroes of War WW2 cheat code - give: equipment, promote, speed up, off ads, battle pass, medals, gold, money, fuel, resources, premium troops, faction recruitment
3. Equipment also has impact on the battle skills. Choose better uniform and weapons.
4. Stell warehouse burnt down during base capture. We won't be able to develop troop production without it. We got steel factory undamaged. Collect resources and fill up the warehouse. Hq is the command center of the army. If we upgrade it, we will be able to unlock additional territories and construct new buildings.

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