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Heroes' Quest hack cheat code List

advanced summon - use Za13QLA9M
off ads - WlnAyxSLc
secret combination - qFGkChG2T
SSR hero - Qye171hAp
double rewards - zgAU1etXc
fuse - O3MKKkZx3
shards - 5Y7xGj3RF
advance - tXcS0LJOw
starter package - 9kpfThZKm
admin panel - p60XgKVin
quick explore - bKyRH88U7
speed up - use LchhYyPjs
gears - xWUjEdTie
diamonds - d89c2hqJe
gold coins - MENKHjaYZ

Heroes' Quest use cheats
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Game story

In the war over the throne, the victor reigned the heaven and the defeated fell into the abyss. Young hero, the power and fighting spirit of the gods. have been destroyed by the dark reign. You must find Pandora's box to rekindle the last hope and restore peace in this world. I am an elf who will guide you to complete missions. Pandora's box was last seen in the endless land. Summon a hero in the tavern to find it out. Battle: the hero's attacks are divided into normal attacks and skill attacks. The speed value determines the sequence of attacks.

Heroes' Quest Hack Basics trucos

Every hero has a rage gauge. The rage gets charged when the hero attacks or gets attacks. If the rage gauge is charged to 100%, the hero can release an ultimate skill. There are 3 main heroes: offense, defense and support. Each of them has different abilities and is essential for a powerful team. There are support hero shards in your bag, fuse them now!

enter cheat (Heroes' Quest gift codes):
upgrade trucos - Q3J5hKkz0
level up - 2uDqkidAK
daily pack - enter pass 8RNYJOrL3
admin account - WUOj9iCxT
Month Card x1 - j5mNkq8wq
booster pack - U04rBMWKL
evolve - UbGhphaY3
enhance - zW0a8Ocx1
Congrats! You've found Ker, the God of destruction! A purple hero! You can also recruit green and blue heroes here! And the gods are hidden among the purple heroes. You can combine the attacks of 5 heroes in your team to deal a fatal hit. The more powerful your heroes are, the higher the attack will be. You have a random chance to trigger this skill.

Heroes' Quest Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Quick explore to get 120 minutes of botting gain activate to get free daily privilege 2 times, can buy bonus 4 times. Once you get the loots, level up your heroes and equip the gear timely.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: advanced summon, SSR hero, fuse, shards, advance, quick explore, speed up, gears, diamonds, gold coins
3. Arrange your hero lineups tactically to win on the battlefield! These heroes come from different races who can mutually restrain each other, yet they are in desperate need of a chief to lead them to victory.

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