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Heroes Strike Moba hack cheat code List

coins - use EV8wDwAfU
off ads - sgvbIWTAV
secret combination - klE2YJvwz
private pass - jYB7oSPcF
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super champion - jRICGQ5Es
skills - sbqlKr2EN
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starter package - iOORRs95k
admin panel - KrAjdLmXJ
skins - hAY9zBFgB
off cooldown - use MoWiKZ8GZ
invisible mode - qrlgPXo7v
gems - LfNftw1DS

Heroes Strike Moba use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Hello and welcome to new android game! Today, i'm gonna teach you about the controls and some basic rules of the battle. Tap on the joystick to auto attack the closest enemy. Drag and release the joystick to attack manually. It's time to use the most powerful skill: fury. It will be charged faster when you attack enemies. Break the box and collect experience orbs to level up your hero. You can unlock/upgrade 2 additional skill in battle when your hero levels up. Destroying enemies has got you leveled up!

Heroes Strike Moba Hack Basics trucos

Goal - slay the enemies to earn points and win the match. The big box has powerful upgrade potion, try to have it and increase your power significantly. Battling has earned you so many rewards. Earn trophies to unlock new rewards. Top 20 players in champion will be promoted to super champion every 24 hours.

enter cheat (Heroes Strike Moba gift codes):
upgrade trucos - xanRGrkje
level up - boCQTEXTl
daily pack - enter pass qDs5w5GfX
admin account - WKs6JdAvf
Month Card x1 - iCqiRM9YC
booster pack - sPnQR4DeJ
evolve - 3z1z91R6r
enhance - jVXdFn19X
You can change the skills of your hero. Tap on skill you want and click on select button to choose. 4us 4 death match - goal: destroy your enemies. Destroy the big box to get the power up potion. Slay the enemies to score. Superstar - goal: collect all the stars you can! Keep the superstar to produce stars. Collect gold stars to score. Collect the gold stars from the superstar keeper to win the match.

Heroes Strike Moba Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Whenever a player bring the superstar, it will spawn the gold stars consecutively.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Heroes Strike Moba cheat code - give: coins, private pass, super champion, skills, unlock characters, skins, off cooldown, invisible mode, gems
3. Description: solo/duo battle royal. New moba 4v4; equip hero with skills; team up with friend; master all the modes: superstar, battle royale, death match and tower.

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