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Heroes War Counterattack hack cheat code List

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Month Card x1 - JhJG7bKUq
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VIP15 - xSzttzUiX
exclusive EQ box - VP7n2tsMq
daily chest - gjO9aAI9z
gold - 8OhGYf9JB
EXP booster (XL) - uvrWPmjAl
power up materials - cWsM8uHAO
battle badge - PSslN6SjQ

Heroes War Counterattack use cheats
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Game story

A character placed on the right can start acting. Nadine is a tanker who can attack enemies from close distance. Use the moving pad and get closer to the enemies. Tap and hold the target to check the attack range. Drag to the outside the range to cancel. When dealing with multiple number of enemies, use a mercenary with range skills. Choose the skill > select an enemy to attack. Farias' crossing light skill is effective when dealing against multiple number of enemies gathered around.

Heroes War Counterattack Hack Basics

You can use rage skill at any time during the battle once the rage bar is filled up. Amy's rage skill has a knockback effect which can block the enemy from acting. You can select the auto battle mode. Rage skills will be activated automatically in the auto rage mode. Upgrade quest consist of 4 stages. You can acquire special rewards by completing all quests. You can check the detailed information of the current quest. Overall progress - this is the quest progression for the current stage. A reward will be available once you complete all.

Hint & Tips

1. You can make a mercenary contract for free for achieving the contract condition. Tap the contract condition button to check the mercenaries with contract conditions.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: SSR mercenary, craft materials, card draw, premium equipment, event draw, SSR skill card, draw bonus, diamonds, friendship points, neostone, exclusive EQ box, gold, EXP booster (XL), power up materials, battle badge
3. A set effect will be applied when equipping the same set equipment.
4. Abilities are powered-up based on chances. Higher stats will be gained if you succeed in powering-up.
5. Defend other player's attacks by placing defense formation and powering-up defenders. You can earn victory points if you successfully defend the attacks and lose the victory points if your fail.

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