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Highfleet Game story

The Great Desert of Gerat. An ancient kingdom ruled over this land long ago....until it was torn apart by strife and internecine war. The last king of Gerat swore allegiance to the Romani Empire. This land seems to be doomed to bear the burden of war for all time. Seven years ago an imperial official, the Lord Governor of Khiva, overthrew the king and declared a rebellion against the Emperor's rule. And now our turn has come. We have come to Gerat to end this once and for all. Wake up, Tarkhan! The city of Eli is on the horizon. Our long journey is finally behind us. Everyone is eager to hear you give order to land.

Highfleet Hack Basics trucos

To set a new destination, move the cursor to ELI. Select a ship to land in the docks. The humming of the pump drivers suddenly dies down. The ship comes to a stop. You prepare to descent the ramp, accompanied by a small group of officers and your personal guard. The uncertainly that awaits you outside fills you with unease. A small group of people are waiting patiently for you at the bottom of the ramp. Their leader is a dignified nobleman surrounded by bodyguards. My people cannot match the strength of the Gathering Fleet. We have but a single corvette for each of their heavy cruisers. Flight Range - To set the destination, move your cursor to a city inside the blue circle. Defensive maneuvers are crucial, hence one must learn to evade firing lines and to approach targets tergentially.

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Try to shoot in bursts, empty the ammo cassette and maneuver while recharging. Your squadron is comprised of several ships. You can move the ship you are currently controlling to the retreat marker to make it retreat from the battle. The next ship in your roster will enter the battle automatically. You can install more missiles on other ships in a similar fashion. Afterburners Activate Reheat - Increase thrust while performing defensive or offensive combat maneuvers. It will allow you to evade guided missiles and to gain a positional advantage over your opponents. Reheat for more than several seconds will cause overheating with following emergency shutdown of engines!

Highfleet Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Focus on the enemy ships. We will capture the ground vehicles once the battle is over.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Highfleet cheat code - give: unlimited fuel, premium ship, supplies, parts, crew, auto repair, speed, range, consumption, firepower, free full version, android mode
3. All you need to do is give the order to repair the ship. The engineering crew will do all they can.
4. However, it will not be possible to complete the repairs if we don't have necessary spare parts.

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