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Game story

Year 3050...100 years after the great end. The glorious Eggtopia floats above the Galapagos. Down below, the ruined world. We hunters search human artifacts for riches, maybe answers. But we've got a ship and a dream. Some day, we'll make it to Eggtopia. Welcome to Histohunters, a treasure hunting museum game! You need to fill out this from before we could head out on missions (class, skin, stats, traits). Just put in what animal type you are, your name, and the skills you can contribute.

HistoHunters Loot Collection Hack Basics

I feel we're going to find something good. Look sharp boys. Creatures incoming -watch your backs. fear not! This room is a "join" challenge. Our combined stats are used to beat the enemies. I guess as long as we work together we can succeed. Not all rooms will be a 'join' challenge though. We'll see other types soon.
"All" challenge - each of us must reach the required stat on our own, or be left behind. We all lose some energy for each room we fight in. "One" challenge - the hunter with the highest stat must fight alone. It's also an "int" room - that's intelligence!
The ministry of culture taxes our haul, but we get to keep a few chests as long as we have the slots. We need more artifacts for our exhibit anyway. Click on the "deploy" button to open the world map. You can launch missions from here. To select a mission, click the "go" button.

Hint & Tips

1. "select" - from here, you could select the hunters you want to go on mission. Click to select the hunter and have them prepare for the mission. Remember that each hunter has their own strengths. So choose wisely.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: artifact, cash, premium, coins, instant chest slot, gold key, unlimited energy, diamond tome, mystery gear
3. In a "join" challenge, our combined stats are used to beat the enemies. An "all" challenge, each of us must reach the required stats on our own. Or be left behind. And finally, in a "one" challenge the hunter with the highest stat must fight alone. Don't worry too much. If you fail a mission, you could retry it at a later time.
4. Before we exhibit the artifacts that we got from the missions, it's a good idea to upgrade them first. Click on the "artifacts" button below to open the artifacts screen. Leveling up artifacts unlock attributes like Geography, age and tag. The higher the level the more valuable they are. The more valuable they are, the more they earn from exhibits. Remember, artifacts with unlocked attributes are more valuable, since we can theme them in exhibits.

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