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Historical Heroes hack cheat code List

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upgrade - 9gfuzWr8v
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treasure chest - RoJuZ7tq8
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Historical Heroes use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

As the imperial family collapses, thieves are spreading everywhere. My heart hurts as a descendant of the imperial family because my power is low and i can't catch it right away. To combat the thieves of great young men, people gathered as volunteers. If you lead them, you will be able to achieve your will. Don't worry. My equipment is going to make the thieves very offended. There are groups of thieves nearby. It is better to subdue it before the power grows. Go ahead and summon the soldiers. The enemy's remnant are scattering. It seems to be good to pursue.

Historical Heroes Hack Basics

It's a good time to use tactics. There are enough tactic points on the left marble, so give orders to the longevity to use tactic skills. Skills: Blue dragon ascension - energy rises into the sky, damaging nearby enemies. Warlord - swings a huge spear greatly, damaging nearby enemies. Powerful warrior - deals damage to enemies in front, and increases your attack power. Earth strike - it strikes the ground with a strong shock wave, damaging nearby and front units. The will of the king - heals one's own health and damages enemies with a wide shout. Way of the king - heals one's own life and blows a sword to damage enemies in front.

Hint & Tips

1. In the battle is difficult, upgrade your soldiers.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: speed up, tactic points, off ad, scrolls, tickets, legendary heroes, level up, upgrade, gold, gems, treasure chest, enhance, promote
3. Description: historical heroes, recruit the best heroes - train your hero. Let's conquer the world with the best characters. Collect box to make your units stronger! Enhance and promote to create an elite army!

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Historical Heroes Redeem code - premium gift box

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