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Homeworld Mobile Game story

It is fifteen years into the Age of S`jet. Fifteen years since the warlord Makaan met his end at Balcora, and the Hiigarans ascended to the mantle of wisdom, left by their forebears. In this time of peace and rebuilding, the Hiigarans eagerly embraced the gifts of the Progenitors. Guided by Sajuuk, new doors of understanding opened to them. However, as those with no Kiith gained power on Hiigara, the ancient clans turned their ambitions outward. In spite of the pleas by Karan S`jet, each Kiith set out from Hiigara to forge their own destinies. Each Kiith and clan began to construct their own fleets onece again. Though the Hiigaran people were unified by destiny, new ambitions began seeking different paths. All of the Kiith were going their own way. All of them chasing the lost dream of the Progenitors.

Homeworld Mobile Hack Basics trucos

My duty is to provide tactical direction and serve as an intermediary between you, the ship, and any external entities. I also handle the paperwork of this posting, letting you focus on tactical direction. This command interface is new to this class of ship, so I`ll walk you through it. You can also change the camera view between two states. The current one is facused on our flagship. In the second state, you can pan the camera around the flagship more freely and you can see more of our surroundings. Change the camera view now. You can always change it back again. With the camera under control we`re ready to get underway. We need some distance from the base to get started. We`re in position, stand by to begin combat trials.

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We`re expected to defend ourselves in the combat zone, so accordingly this weapons test will calibrate our crews and combat capabiily. A set of drones is being launched to serve us as target practice. Weapons on stand-by. We`ve got the green light. Begin attacks on the provided drones by selecting them in the target roster, and selecting attack. Excellent, our turret operators report all systems running smoothly. The range of our weapons is visible in the interface as yellow or red rings around the flagship. The outermost ring represents our system`s maximum targeting range. But our accuracy is lowered with distance. Our effective combat range is closer to the middle ring. Keep that in mind when engaging enemies. This completes the basic combat trial. Standby for advanced tactics trials. For this exercise, you will be using a kinetic burst. This enhanced combat mode utilizes unique ship systems to produce a new effect for combat. In the future, you may want to tailor these abilities to better match your desired fighting style.

Homeworld Mobile Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. For now we only have access to the kinetic burst for testing purposes. Fleet command is launching another set of drones. As before, we are waiting for the green light. Begin another attack against the provided drones with a kinetic burst now.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Homeworld Mobile cheat code - give: free repair, premium ship, resources, weapons, drones, shield, craft materials, title, vip status, promotion, coins, gems, credits, commander, increase attack speed
3. As you may have guessed our command ship is not much of a warship. Fortunately,standart doctrine expects our vessel to be accompainied by a modest escort force. Our ship at present can support fighters and independent frigates, but larger vessels can utilize bigger ships for their escort flotilla. We have been assigned a Light Torpedo Frigate as our initial escort.
4. You can give commands either to the whoie fleet, or to individual ships. Standby for augmented combat trials. We will test all our systems against a stronger target. Fleet control is deploying a decommissioned assault frigate. Our objective is to destroy it.
5. The ancient hyperpsace gates beckoned travelers towards new and uncertain worlds. With desperation and hope, the Kiith cast their ambitions through the gates.
6. Strike craft are versatile and fast, perfectly suited hit and run tactics.

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