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Honor of Heirs Game story

The leader has fallen... Break through the guards first! Push forward. Tap to attack. You are the only one to resist them! Evade and Attack! This is...Chairman Sir Kay's badge! Even someone like him has...But we have to find Excalibur and return it to Camelot! Come with me. We need to pass through here quickly! Use Skills! Beating may help finding the Excalibur! The Excalibur mist be resting here. Have a look! Well...Looks like not everyone is worthy of excalibur. There might not be much of a chance, but you can give it a try... Could this be...Hell no! The ruins are about to collapse!

Honor of Heirs Hack Basics trucos

Holy Camelot - This is the economic center of the Avalon Continent and the origin of the goddess faith. The holy church that is the central to the faith silently towers over the entire city. The temple sentries are rather staunch pursuers to chase us all the way here! Indeed, but fortunately not much casuality for now. We have to stop the sentries before they can do significant damage. The Excalibur you're holding contains great power. We must release it to fight the temple sentries.

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Follow Merlin's instruction and engrave your name on the Sword in the Stone. You know that I cast a binding spell on myself and the Holy Grail at the same time five hundred years ago. This body has joined generations of adventurers to search for Excalibur, but it is a spiritual form created by magic and not the true form. When the sword is released, the bind is dispelled, terminating the manifestation.

Warrior - Adhering to the Knight spirit in search of one's own path of justice. Balanced fighter, stable DPS. Ranger - A marksman with a bow and deadly with a pair of dual blades for high damage output. Elementalist - A seeker of truth through elements and runes capable of assisting allies or harming enemies from a distance.

Honor of Heirs Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Open Menu, Tap Partner, Select a Partner to add to the lineup.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Honor of Heirs cheat code - give: soulstone, premium mount, salvage, exploration, title, costume, wings, accolade, equipment, weapons, gold, awaken, skill upgrade tome, partners, avalon coins, fuse, funds, talent points, rank up, ancient treasure, increase intimacy
3. When an Order Bonfire starts, party games will begin at set times.
4. Daily order quests can be completed instantly with gold or over time.
5. Once the technology is completed, you will gain one Marching Queue.
6. Summon excalibur - unleashes the sword in the stone and slashes the enemy.
7. Soulstone dungeon - stop evil monsters from escaping the seal and harming other to earn varios soulstones! Knights must select appropriate soulstones to meet the demand of battle.
8. Complete quests in holy Camelot each day to increase intimacy with others.

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