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Horror Brawl Game story

Horror Brawl is a battle royal game. You must defeat every other player to win. Search for the best possible weapons and fight them all! There is another way to defeat your rivals. By finding 4 Chaos Stones you can transform into a powerful Horror. Horrors are invincible but kids can stun them by doing enough damage. Defeat as many kids as you can to extend the transformation time!

Horror Brawl Hack Basics trucos

Nazrat portal will open when the timer reaches 0. Keep an eye out for it! The first person to escape through the portal wins the game regardless of how many people are left. Evil Nun's ability allows her to see where all the kids are for a set period of time. The Kids can jump over sone obstacles (the obstacles are highlighted with white marks), these are good way to shake off a Horror.

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Charlie's abilities makes him able to carry one extra weapon and pick up more ammo than usual. Extrammunition: Pick up 50% more ammo from the map. Weapon master - Has an extra slot for weapons. Sister Madeline - Where have all the kids gone? Detects the position of every kid in the map for 5 seconds.

Horror Brawl Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Rebecca - Stealth: Horrors must be 50% closer to defect you. One apple a day - there is a 40% chance to find a healins apple when you open a chest. Rebecca's abilities allow her to make less noise when she's walking and spawn healing apples from chest and hideouts.
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3. J's abilities make him faster while there is a Horror in the game. He also gets a speed boost when he jumps over an obstacle.
4. Weapons do more damage the rared they are. Rarity is represented with a color: Legendary(yellow), Epic (purple), Rare (blue), Common (grey)
5. William - Last man standing: Gets a 20% damage boost while there are 5 or less players remaining in the game. Nazrat's chosen one - Escapes 40% faster using the Nazrat portal.

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