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Game story

Welcome to the qualifiers fo the league! As always, the arena is huge, the crowds are electric, and the competition is intense! This is the ultimate test of driving skill, and todays qualifiers will be ones to watch! Complete all 3 tests to qualify for the hot lap league: steering test - drive cleanly through some simple bends, powerslide - powerslide the car through 3 corners, qualification - get a dast lap time on a real track. Steering training - hot laps require total control of the car. This training will cover steering basics. Practice on the first few bends then come back here for the test. We'll provide a demo ghost car for you to follow behind. COmplete the test by reaching the finish with no wall collisions. Nailed it! Next, let's get you powersliding.

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Powersliding lets you take corners faster. This training will run you through the basics. You can adjust the touch areas for steering and brake if you need to. These can also be changed from the settings menu whenever you want. When you're done, hit apply in the top right. A quick tap of the brake starts a powerslide. Tap brake before the corner to kick the car into powerslide.
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Then steer in the direction you want to powerslide. Press left turn to start the turn. Complete it by powersliding every corner and reaching the finish. Follow the ghost car - you'll need to powerslide all the way through the green corner sections. Combining qualification test to get the fastest track time is the name of the game. Hit the gold medal time to complete the test and qualify for the main event.

Hot Lap League Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Your driver points score defines your progress, and contributes to your driver level. New track tiers become available as you level up. Challenges are the main source of driver points: 100 points for each second you can shave of your personal best times, plus huge points for new medals. All league competitors are ranked on a global leaderboard by their driver points. You can also see how you rank against your friends.
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3. A session lasts 5 minutes, and you can do as many runs (or restarts) as you want in that time. More runs means more opportunities for driver points and dailies. Starting each session costs 1 ticket, and spending all 5 minutes on track nets the highest value. Every 90 minutes you'll regain 1 ticket, up to the full set of 5. Your session ends when the timer runs out, with some extra time to finish the current run. You can also end a session whenever you want - passing up any remaining ticket time.
4. COmplete dailies to earn track tokens, and spend these to unlock new challenge tracks. You just need a high enough driver level to unlock the tier. Dailies refresh once a day - any that are incomplete or unclaimed will reset, but the prize bar progress will remain. Vip passes give access to extra dailies.

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