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service - use xoUnCpbT8
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gold coins - NWgmzJ0TG
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premium manager - PZRIqBfug
starter package - CNw8qvCl1
admin panel - knerTeMP2
skip training time - ldBbR4kjr
toy box - use z2ZktNcnU
gems - uZM1BaEAl
skin sponsor - DylhVHZxO
quick cleaning - QlrAUizj0
quick overnight - 8gDWTf8xU

Hot Spring Hotel use cheats
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Game story

Welcome to the hot spring hotel. I am the manager of the hotel. I will help you manage the new hotel. You may be new to the industry, but we can start at the bottom. It's almost 12 noon and we're about to have our first quests check in, but we still need to take care of our restaurant first. The table is a necessity in the dining room. Go and get it. One of the things you need a restaurant is a good cook, hire a cook. Everything is ready, let's welcome our first quests.

Hot Spring Hotel Hack Basics trucos

Constructions: kitchen - is where the chefs work. Upgrade it to increase revenue from te meals served. Table - table with chairs are needed for quests to be able to eat at the restaurant. Simple bed - is where the quests rest. Upgrade the bed to increase revenue. Toilet - toilet's a facilities in the room it's fully automatic. Upgrade the toilet to increase revenue.

enter cheat (Hot Spring Hotel gift codes):
upgrade trucos - R6gTXciJD
level up - R6gTXciJD
daily pack - enter pass zNkRDbWel
admin account - ar8lz60DI
Month Card x1 - 7pdlirfZD
booster pack - X3f1XLJnr
evolve - VLKCKDNmt
enhance - W4EUCuP3S
Our quests will go to their rooms to put their luggage, and they will pay by the hour. There's more money to be made in premium rooms, so let's buy something to upgrade our rooms. Customers are happy with the toilet upgrade and will pay higher hourly rates. Now let's go and se how the quest are using the hotel service. We have to pya our employees when they are done, so we need to manage our finances carefully. Now we need to understand other aspects of running the hotel.

Hot Spring Hotel Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. We have a distribution room with a generator that provides power for the hotel's lighting and electrical appliances. Electricity is very important. Don't forget to upgrade.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Hot Spring Hotel cheat code - give: service, auto clicker, game speed x10, gold coins, premium manager, skip training time, toy box, gems, skin sponsor, quick cleaning, quick overnight.
3. Quests take baths in the hot springs after meals, which is an important source of revenue for the hotel.
4. Quests are also likely to drive to the hotel, which has a car ark and parking revenue. The average quest doesn't just happen to be staying at the hotel. We have to advertise. For different types of advertising, the higher the cost, the higher the benefit.
5.You've got a lot of knowledge about how to run a hotel. Start by increasing the size of the hotel and increase the revenue. QUest advice is important and you need to take it seriously. I've also made you a list of things to do. Just follow the list.

Hot Spring Hotel Hack tools Version:


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