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Hotel Renovator Game story

As you can see, the hotel is in disrepair - we need to put a lot of work into it. And yet, we already have guests waiting to stay here. A film crew decided that the interior of our hotel would be the perfect setting for a music video. They will arrive soon, so we have to prepare a room for them. This will be your first task. The crew will be filming a music video for an up-and-coming rock star, Celine Jones. It might be difficult to impress them with a one star interior. Limitations stimulate creativity, as some people like to say. Bear that in mind and go to room 101.

Hotel Renovator Hack Basics trucos

Use the crowbar to dispose of the junk cluttering this place. But be careful -we don't want to destroy anything valuable! You can later sell some of the things you find. Now it's time for a new floor and walls. Choose something modern and tasteful. The guests are arriving soon. Open the hotel app to check how many are coming. Now for the most pleasant part - furnishing! Let's start with beds. Guests need to have something to sleep on, after all. Also need chairs and a nice little table, so the whole room's appealing to look at.

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Did you already clean the bathroom? You are very eager to work. Now you can confirm the booking! Remember that you can always add new furnishings and make the space more pleasant and comfortable. Each quest has their preferences. Try to meet these preferences by placing the right accessories in the room. From now on, we'll have access to rank 2 items! You'll have more possibilities to show off your skills while furnishing the next room.

Hotel Renovator Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Buy furniture or restore old pieces. Choose from a wide variety. Watch out for discount pricing that can save you a ton of money.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Hotel Renovator cheat code - give: cash, skills, premium items, furniture, stars, speed up, auto clean, new hotel, manager, full version, events, promo mode.
3. Each of your guests can leave a review. If you don’t clean up the rooms or don’t make repairs to damage left behind, then your guests will leave bad reviews.

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