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HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Hey, there you are! Let's start the basic hunting tutorial now. Swipe on the screen. Eliminate all monsters. Looks like you've warmed up. Now let's continue to hunt. Frontal attacks on the boss may break parts of the boss. There is a probability to stun the monster by launching frontal attacks continuously. Hurry up and use your melee attack on the monster for multiple damage. Leander, make occasional visits to the clan while adventuring. Tapping on the hunted monster in the ALbum to collect clan experience. After the clan upgrades, you can tap on the icon to collect rewards. Level up your clan by finishing quests, unlocking albums or sacrificing materials. The further we explore, the stronger the monster you encounter. We must practice more to improve ourselves.

Hunter Legend Rise Of Clans Hack Basics trucos

Improve your stats by leveling up. Tap the talent icon and upgrade talent skills to improve your combat ability. Try to jump over obstacles to reach the portal. Long swipe on the screen to jump. Drag jump button to jump and attack monsters with stamina cost. Attacks on the back or flank of the elite or boss will knock them down. Stomp pn your prey and do damage when stepping on it. Jumping on the targets can release a step on back on the target.

enter cheat (gift codes):
upgrade trucos - 8SvfWBq7y
level up - qiU8HoJoY
daily pack - enter pass vJYdARns3
admin account - iHqArYRz2
Month Card x1 - iGa5HuMUR
booster pack - UGL1vNo5t
evolve - dR70A9pTJ
enhance - uy7HZrC6n
Select the monster to see its location, you can explore the corresponding are to hunt it. Change the resolution and frame rate in the settings on the upper right to make the game smoother. With proper use of stepping on back, you can quickly escape from the danger. If you have trouble hunting the boss, you can use load to enhance your stats. Congratulations on completing all of your training. Now you are a qualified hunter. There are two kinds of amazing trees on the continent. I'll be there waiting for you.

Hunter Legend Rise Of Clans Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Set size and position of the tactics button in the pause interface during combat.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: vip privilege, materials, talent points, limited pack, advanced monthly card, off ad, skins, gems, energy, gold coins, crystals, rune, pets, artifact
3. Finishing quests will help the clan grow faster, so come check it out often.

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