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HyperBrawl Tournament hack cheat code List

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HyperBrawl Tournament use cheats
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Game story

Welcome challenger. For thousands of years, we have been searching across space and time for competitors like you. We are the ancient protectors of the universe and have created this tournament to find the best of the best. Here you will complete against the universe's greatest heroes, in arenas built to test you to your limits. To be successful in this tournament, you will need to outscore, out brawl and outwit the opponents standing in your path. Only then, will you reunite the three ancient trophies and become master of the hyperforce. However, before you can begin your journey you must pass the trials and prove you are worthy of this challenge. Let's see if you have what it takes to pass these trials and become a Hyper Brawl champion.

HyperBrawl Tournament Hack Basics

Shooting the ball is your most basic yet essential ability. Hypercurve allows you to control the ball during a shot, curving it around obstacles or opponents. After shooting the ball, Hypercurve the ball through the targets and into the goal. You are quick, now shell test your strength! Punch and kick the enemy to win the ball then score. The more damage you take, the more your hyperforce will increase. By unleashing your hyperforce you will briefly become faster, stronger and your attacks will destroy your opponents in an instant. You have an extensive arsenal of weapons at your disposal, each with a unique power and cooldown. Destroy your opponents with your weapon, take back the ball and score. Teamwork is essential to defeating your opponent. Passing to your teammate can switch areas of attack, prevent you from losing possession and create goalscoring opportunities. Choose how you prefer to switch characters during a match! Try out each option and pick your favourite. You show great potential! You have been granted access to the elgendary tournament. Now go and earn all of the cups and become champion.

Hint & Tips

1. Pass the ball to your teammate then stand in light zone to receive the ball then score. When the purple bar on your avatar is full, your weapon is ready to use.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: celestial medal, artifact, weapons, credits, skins, MVP emotes, goal blazes, off cooldown, cups
3. Earn the celestial medal by reaching the top 10% of any of the weekly leaderboards. For each celestial medal you earn you will be rewarded with 5 artifacts. Weekly leaderboards reset every sunday at 00:00 UTC. Artifacts are random rewards, open them to receive items and customize your heroes and weapons.
4. Campaign mode - create your team, conquer leagues and cups, and become the ultimate team in the universe in this 1 player mode. Arcade mode - play an offline multiplayer or single player match with 1-4 players.
5. Artifacts - are cosmic relics earned by levelling up diring gameplay. Open them and receive items to customize heroes and weapons. Blitz mode -play online against other people and build your win streaks.
6. Leaderboards are found in the player record menus and showcase your current ranking for online matches for wins, goals and knockouts.
7. Your skill and dedication to the tournament has earned you some credits. Use these credits to customize and add glory to your journey. Earn more by proving yourself further.

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