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I Love Venezia Game story

This is how stunning Venezia looked 30 years ago. But now...It was turned into such a trivial place. My last wish is to see the old, stunning Venezia just one more time. Now, take the first step towards the revival of Venezia. I will explain step by step from now on, so please follow along. The button you just pressed is a button that lets you know everything from construction to trade. Before all, why don't we go to the shop first? Gogo! If you invest IP (Investment Point) in a building, you can construct it. Then, shall we invest IP in Tofu Factory? FYI, IP increases by "1" every time you level up. By investing in basic trade products, you can upgrade into food trade or goods trade.

I Love Venezia Hack Basics trucos

Invest and enjoy the benefits below: Tofu Factory Construction available; Bean Purchase available. You've already build a building. Good, you're doing great. Let's move to the next stage. Now that the Tofy Factory has been build, shall we produce Tofu? This is where quests are notified. Take a look around and focus on quests that can be done easily to receive rewards. Let's start Tofu production. Phew - For an impatient person like me, it's too hard to wait. Let me give you a Lucky Coin. By the way, Lucky Coins can be obtained through social activities with friends. So make lots of friends. Have you already learned how to produce it? You've got the talent to be the best merchant. Then let's build more Tofu Factories.

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For efficient production, increase the number of Tofu Factory to 3! Build more Tofu Factories for quick production. Now we just have to wait for a lot of Tofu to be produced. While waiting for Tofu to be made, I'll show you how to move the Building and Decorating to the desired location. Tap "Edit map". A well-maintained layout is key to developing a village into a larger trading port. Then make Venezia a wonderful city. Let's build a Sailboat! Here, you can construct ships, manage them, and do all things related to sailing. It's time to build your first ship! Choose a Sailboat. I can't wait to see the completed ship. I will give you a Lucky Coin, so press Complete Immediately. Congrats, it's your first ship! It's not a big ship, but it's useful enough when you have few items to sell. Let's sell 3 or more Tofu in Split

I Love Venezia Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. You can earn a lot by sailing to sell produced goods. The further the town you go to, the more profit you get. Press on the port to see details about all the ships you own. Let's go to the nearest city to sell the Tofu you produced. In [Load Products], you can move the items from the storage to the ship. Drag Tofu to the Ship. Remember that sailing time and expected profit are all different for each town!
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter I Love Venezia cheat code - give: trade item, buildings, decoration, expand, resources, investment point IP, speed up, lucky coin, slots, premium ship, star energy, hear point, gems, gold, off ads, admin panel, starter pack, offline reward
3. The City Grade have to be "Big Town" to trade with this city. Plant a street tree in the town. Visit a friend's town and "Help" or do 2 "Harvest Instead"
4. The part that the arrow just pointed to is the Star Energy. Let me teach you how to collect this Star Energy. You can produce Star Energy by building the decoration objects sold here. Star Energy is vital to operate production buildings. It is not necessary for basic buildings, however, advanced ones will require a lot.
5. In addition, you can increase the City Grade by collecting Star Energy, and when the City Grade increases, you can expand the land and trade with more distant cities.
6. The heart balloon you pressed is the building you can help. You will get Star Energy and reward money when you help, and the friend's production time will be reduced. The balloon with a product is the mark of Harvest Instead. It allows you to get the product for free with a certain chance, while the friend gets an increased chance to get Lucky Bonus!
7. Max Heart Point increases as Intimacy increases. The more you help your friend, the more Intimacy you get. So visit your friend's house often. Oh, by the way, keep in mind that one Heart is charged every 30 minutes, and the number of Hearts required for each building is different.
8. Although it is now a shabby island, the old Venezia was a city built on the ground on the mudflats in the sea. In order to regain its former appearance, it is necessary to gradually expand the architectural space by creating a new land around the island.

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