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Idle Area 51 hack cheat code List

tesseract glowing - use hack vvBxia0hF
daily pack - enter pass YdqYeX8DY
secret combination - lS3o6m7UT
off ad - yTHzc4sMb
booster pack - b6u5csGnW
game speed x10 - wGPBn6E67
Month Card x1 - 5CW8ZsIdi
level up - O0i0AxuSW
gems - vBwyqEBMC
money - eeHqKY1yU
daily gift bag x10 - ixuK4upJY
upgrade - x09DFkdfR
auto clicker - YY6BHpwiM
manager - 9ugmgMPu0
unlock territory - 4Q80rfChc

Idle Area 51 use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Good, you're finally here! This is the UFO crash site, we've secured the area and started to retrieve alien salvage. We have a Van taking the salvage from the UFO to a nearby facility we've set-up but it's slow going. This salvage is extremely valuable. It uncovers the secrets of alien biology, flight, weapons and interstellar travel. This is the facility - we need you to run it. Research what you find and we'll make sure you get paid. The first load of salvage is being retrieved and will head for the facility soon. This load looks like biological matter, the rail system will send it to our bio analysis station.

Idle Area 51 Hack Basics

Currently we only have a bio analysis station, it's up to you to expand operations as more salvage comes in. Upgrading stations will speed up work and bring in more funding. We're racing against the clock here. You might want to buy more vans to speed things up. You can also build more loading boys to keep the flow of salvage coming in. Good work on bringing in more salvage. Upgrade the salvage operation at the crash site to keep it flowing to the facility. If you continue to do well there'll be a bonus waiting for you in admin. Be sure to collect it. Every time you complete an operation you can claim rewards and a new goal will appear. Ok, you're on your own now! Be careful around those little green guys, you never know what they're up to!

Hint & Tips

1.Bio analysis - analyze biological salvage not of this world so we can learn from it.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: tesseract glowing, off ad, game speed x10, gems, money, auto clicker, manager, unlock territory
3. Reverse engineering - take apart the flying machines and see what makes them tick. Laser research - research the craft's laser system.

Idle Area 51 Hack tools Version:


Idle Area 51 Redeem code - premium gift box

1. nl9oxevAkE7p5kQ
2. vNmGrHs3P7x5Zlz
3. PAV6diPe36on1z0
4. lvIUBe5HjlpYECC
5. L1OpQApC5GOzH8w
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