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Idle Candy Land hack cheat code List

workers - use 6DKHae64M
off ads - HZpD2o81J
secret combination - V950zLqYF
boost - KYylVfTol
double rewards - fJ4yITvy7
money - CylTZhYW4
premium manager - ZKWvZfIDR
auto clicker - eGCdbRF88
starter package - hdvUqjULs
admin panel - KIsrgUUEr
unlock all candy variation - TtOkZCgHS
diamonds - use DeBcfQV1v
game speed x10 - Slfj7vWnP
chocolate package - CmkLccA9V
blockade remover - use IoESKEx98

Idle Candy Land use cheats
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Game story

For a long time the Nammis lived happily and in harmony with each other, producing candies and enjoying their lives. But one day a business man from far away spotted the island and smelled bug business. He stole all their recipes and destroyed the factories, so that the Nammis no longer could produce their beloved Candies. But one of the Nammis, the tribal elders, can still remember the recipes and is ready to reveal them to you...if you rebuild the city in return and lead the Nammis back to their old prosperity.

Idle Candy Land Hack Basics trucos

We are here at the first production facility. Here we produce and ship our delicious candy. Let's start building a small factory to produce our first candy. These are the Nammis, they are the inhabitants of candy land and will help you build you candy empire. Click on the Nammi to let him get the candy. With the help of the train, we can now transport the candy to the harbour.

enter cheat (Idle Candy Land gift codes):
upgrade trucos - Kl4QKHk1o
level up - AVTy9vJK9
daily pack - enter pass 1aTpB8QRd
admin account - FD3Zbl4i5
Month Card x1 - YYQG0RYJu
booster pack - vNmyBwTM2
evolve - acJ5qyg8f
enhance - iq1S4DSbJ
At the harbour, the candy is now loaded into the boat and shipped to the wide world. At the moment we have only one factory. So we can produce only one candy. For now, however, we can improve the factory to make more money.As you can see now came a second unit. We now produce double than before. So you don't have to watch the Nammis all the time you can set managers which automate your production.

Idle Candy Land Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. The units continue to work when you are not there, but much slower. You can see how much you earn offline by this sign. If it's not fast enough for you, you can increase your income for a certain time here.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Idle Candy Land cheat code - give: workers, boost, money, premium manager, auto clicker, unlock all candy variation, diamonds, game speed x10, chocolate package, blockade remover
3. To make it easier for you to get started, i've written down a few tasks you can follow if you get stuck. Click on the panel for more information. Finish all quests to unlock a new candy variation.
4. Decrease the cost for production upgrades. Increase the movement speed of your workers/vehicles. Increase the capacity of your transport vehicle. Decrease the loading time of your workers.

Idle Candy Land Hack tools Version:


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